Monday, January 18, 2010

We have now become part of a culture that mows the lawn on a Sunday. Never really thought we fit in with that group but here we are, part of group that live on "lifestyle" blocks and have to get out the ride-on mowers to mow our many acres.

There was the quiet buzz all around of ride-on mowers over the weekend and if you went and had a look (though you could count them from the direction the sound was coming from) you would see in the distance (and the not so distant) little people sitting on their mowers going around and around.

I quite enjoyed the riding around, around, it was very Zen. Didn't have to think about anything, and I think it was the first time in days that my mind was empty and not racing, thinking about the million things that need doing. However, when I did get a bit tired of going in clockwise circles (clockwise because the grass got thrown out to the left and you didn't want to re-mow the already cut grass according to the instructions from my partner in crime and life), I made a crop circle :)

I can now actually get to the fruit trees without getting itchy legs, and it does kind of look like a little orchard, just needing some TLC, I hope that is all it needs anyway. Speaking of gardens (of sorts), I think I have decided to start with straw bale gardens while I am getting the actual garden ready. This means that I can start straight away with not much work while I get the soil ready in the real garden. The ground is made up of clay and not much else, which is why the fruit trees are so sad, so I am going to make raised garden beds for the veges, with a couple of small fruit trees around the edge, I think..... unless I change my mind :) so much choice.

My clothesline is now this tiny little thing, a bit weird in my opinion, but at least we can hang a couple of things. We are going to put up a new big one, however we can't agree on the design of it, I want one (or three) of those old fashioned single line ones that you prop up with a pole. It is quite simple really but is becoming difficult, the perfectionist in the family wants exact measurements, and plans, and the hows and whys, so I think I might just go to Bunnings and get a Hills-hoist and be done with it. The only thing that needs to be done then is to dig a hole, fill it with cement and stick it in.

Speaking of digging holes and filling it with cement and sticking a pole in it, we now have a letterbox. So if anyone actually knew our address, they could write us a letter. Of course we had to get a big one, no little tiny letterbox for us, we had never bought one before so this was our first. We had no idea how many different letterboxes there are out there. In the end we went for one that could fit in the large size envelopes we seem to get a lot of these days, and would keep the rain out. Who knew a letterbox could be so exciting? :)

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