Saturday, January 2, 2010

We had a good day yesterday, you have to have days when you just relax and don't think about all the things you should do, just things you want to do.

Yesterday morning we went to the golf driving range and had a great time. I have never actually played a game of golf, and was a late starter to just hitting the ball but I seem to do alright. They have a small nine hole course there and we are going to have a game there sometime. At the driving range if the ball is a wayward one it doesn't really matter, as long as it goes forward, but if you have a game, it is different and I am not sure I can make the ball go where I want it to go without embarrassing myself. Well I am sure I will amuse the family :)

The view from the range is pretty good and makes the whole golfing experience so much better, mountains with cloud on them and palm trees, makes you want to take your time.

And of course now the family want a small golf course on our new property. This is to add to the orchard, vege gardens, chooks, BMX track, fish in the dam, footy/kite flying field, and I can't remember what else is on the list, oh yeah, goats.

We went to friend's for a BBQ last night and had a very relaxing time, they live on an acre and so have space to spread out, BMX track for the kids (and adults), fruit trees, vege garden and chooks (and dogs and cats). And it is very, very quiet there. My friend was thinking about moving back to suburbia, but after listening to some of the reasons why we are moving, she remembered why they moved out in the first place.

So the men have gone to do a spot of fishing with some new lures that our number one and only son bought with Christmas money from the neighbour. The other thing our neighbour gave him for Christmas was a book called "Ultimate SAS Survival", great book and the sort of thing that he reads (he is a reader but not of fiction, so this is great for him). However, now he wants to make a fishing spear so he can fish, and I am sure there are many other things he wants to do that the book tells him how.

We are running out of toilet paper so must go to the shops and get some, it is amazing what becomes important when you don't have it :)

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