Monday, January 11, 2010

We have had a great weekend. We got the keys to our new place on Friday afternoon and then went up for a couple of hours just to check it out.

On Saturday we went back up and took a trailer and Ute load of boxes up and stayed overnight. I know we are going to love it up there. It will still only take about thirty minutes for my partner in crime and life to get to work, which means we are out of suburbia but still close enough to come down any time without us living out in whoop whoop.

It is so lovely and peaceful, except for the noise of the rain and the frogs that thought it was heaven. The dam is gorgeous and we sat and had a cuppa overlooking it with its lily pads and stork like birds and trees and peace. Shows that everything must be quite healthy, there were three cute little frogs living behind the toilet, and they came out with the rain (and leapt out the window to play in it). There was a massive green tree frog trying to get out when we took the dog out late (so the frog also leapt out the door and off into the rain). So we are extremely happy about this and plan on keeping everything healthy so all these lovely creatures can continue living with us.

We will be so glad to get up there properly, for the time being I will have to put up with boxes stacked up and not much furniture as all the good furniture will stay down till we sell our current house. However, at least I will have bookcases so I can get my books out, which is very, very important :)

Unfortunately, Telstra turned off our phone, and with it went the Internet connection, so despite specifically saying “do not turn off our phone in our current house”, they did anyway. Getting these things turned back on was more difficult than it should have been, and the Internet is still down (though it obviously is now :).

It felt very claustrophobic coming back to suburbia, after roaming around five acres and having space, it was hard to come back and if we weren’t certain of this move before, we are now.

We had a really good roam and checked all the trees and shrubs and I wrote down all the ones that had labels. Turns out there are a couple of mangoes and citrus trees, but they haven’t been looked after very well and we didn’t recognise them at first. So I am going to get some fertiliser and mulch and take up the gardening tools and see if they can be saved. There are also other natives and shrubs, like lilypilly’s, that all need some TLC and there are more than a few that have died, and also some poor plants that were dumped out of their pots just because they were no longer wanted, so we will save them too. The pots were obviously wanted somewhere else :(

When my partner in crime and life went to pick up the keys to our new place, the estate agent gave him (for us) a basket of potted herbs to start out new garden up there. It was lovely of them to do that and there a great variety of herbs like parsley, chives, sage, rosemary, catmint, a variety of capsicum and a paw paw, there are also a couple of others. This will certainly get us started as long as we can keep the wallabies away, fences are going to be in order.

So, we have a fair amount of work ahead of us, more packing and moving, and getting the gardens going. Wish that was already happening, but all things will happen in time. For now though, I have work here to catch up on, so best get on with it.

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