Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have had a busy week, I have been up to the block twice, including today to take up bits and pieces. Every day this week we have had new ideas of what we could do and should do and of course many new discoveries.

The shed/house is very bare so far but of course as long as you have a TV and somewhere to sit, what more do you need? :)

But of course the view makes up for any shortcomings in the furniture.

We discovered a very sad little orchard with some mangoes, citrus and maybe a Brazilian cherry and something else. I really need to do some research. When I went up on Tuesday, my friend and her two kids came with me and we put some manure and mulch and some of the trees. My friend got bitten by a paper wasp that are nesting in one of the little mango trees, so needless to say we didn't go near that one, must get rid of the nest.

So today when I was up there I went and talked to the fruit trees, they are still sad looking and need more water, but I am sure with lots of TLC they will kick on. Maybe I should play some music for them, it is supposed to work :)

The dam is teaming with tadpoles, a million squillion of them, literally, no kidding :) I couldn't believe how many there were, so I am expecting a million squillion frogs, I am also expecting them to be incredibly noisy :)

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