Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I know that life is full of experiences, and your life is fuller and richer for them, and they make you the person that you are, but really, the experience of buying and selling property is really not me.

All the mucking around and tooing and froing, ringing people to organise phone connections (and no no no don't cut off our current phone yet nor send the bill to the new address as there is no letter box yet), can we get to the meter to check the electricity on the new property (I don't know), what is the make/or-something-with-a-couple-of-letters of the other vehicle you just bought five minutes ago(huh I don't understand and my husband can't find it), and you really don't want to cut off your Austar, it will cost you to get it reconnected just suspend your account for a bit, it really would be better to not get it cut off, it is more difficult to get it reconnected later (I am having heart palpitations at this point, have become quite afraid and not sure if I can live without Austar and do I really want to completely cut myself and my family off from the world of pay TV), we require 30 days notice (why?)so yes you will have to pay another month Austar and it would be better to transfer from your old house to your new one and it would be a smooth transitions and no need to disconnect.

Why can't people just do as I ask? I really was doubting if we could live without pay TV, but the thought of two mortgages put that one to rest. What do I want the most, pay TV or Internet? Internet wins hands down, can really live without the idiot box but can't without the Internet. Where would I get my alternative news from? Or read about all the conspiracies going on in the world? Or shop online because I have more choice than what I can get in town here? (when I can afford to). Definitely Internet. Though we will miss the documentaries and stuff :( but not the endless repeats of The Simpson's :)

So in amongst all this our number one and only son has flown off down to Sydney (actually Goulburn) for two weeks to visit grandparents (he is glad to be away from all the work),he will be yabbying,shopping, visiting, eating and generally having fun. Last time he was there, actually the time before that, it was in July, and he nearly froze to death, I think it snowed, this time there are storm warnings for hail and rain but I think maybe it is a bit warmer.

Yesterday I had a friend visit for morning tea and she didn't leave until 3.45pm as we didn't stop talking about lots of stuff, great day though and certainly not wasted, we enjoyed ourselves.

I made some very yummy mini quiches last night for our dinner and had enough left over for this mini mega quiche. I was pretty impressed with myself as I don't usually make quiche this way and they were great.

So now I am off to pack some more boxes, I think I make more mess than I get rid of, you tend to pull things out of cupboards and spread them around. Despite our resolution to get rid of some stuff, not much has gone our yet except some clothes.

Well, we get the keys to the new place on Friday (should do anyway) and at least we will be able to move some stuff up and out of the way. Haven't been so broke in twenty years, but oh so content with our decisions, and for the most part, happy with how everything has gone. All very exciting :)

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