Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Can't believe it is 2010 and what a week it has been, with Christmas and getting the purchase of our new property organised. We didn't overindulge this year for a change, we usually eat enough that we don't need food for the next six months, so it was nice not to do that. We spent our time doing the Christmas thing and painting, so we were busy.

Christmas day we took our kayaks out and had a paddle around, we had a lovely time, didn't have to go far which was nice and really enjoyed ourselves. In the afternoon we went next door to our neighbours which we do every year, they have a pool table in the back room and there is always a game going on. Our neighbours always go all the way with Christmas and have two trees, Santa's footprints through the house, a rather large village scene on tables all light up and she adds to it every year, it is huge now.

Boxing Day was spent recovering from Christmas and was a relaxing day, we ended up back at the neighbours to help them eat some of the tonnes of food they had :)

Our bunch of bananas that we finally cut down was ripening and have been crazily (is that a word?) eating them before they are TOO ripe. We have been eating them at breakfast, for snacks, made banana chocolate chip muffins (yummo), banana chocolate chip bread (yummo too) and I dried the bananas. Now I don't think the drying was a huge success as I think the humidity was just too high but they did dry a bit (for 24hours mind you) and then I just put them in the freezer, they are still pretty yum.

The other day the men in my life went to the cable ski park. Our number one and only son had been once before and did very well on the knee board, he tried the wakeboard but couldn't get up so went back to the knee board. My partner in crime and life had more trouble getting up on the knee board and crashed spectacularly a couple of times before getting up, then he was away. They had a great time but even now their shoulders and arms are still sore, guess they need to do it a bit more, and next time I will do it as well.

We have done a lot of tooing and froing from the bank and organising and stuff, trying to organise things around public holidays. Note to self: never purchase property over Christmas. There are too many public holidays, people on leave and people just in go slow mode and not wanting to do anything. In saying that though, there are some who have gone out of their way to do the job and we are on track to receive the keys to the shed at the end of next week. We really have only had a few small hiccups, which is to be expected, but could have done without the stress of that.

So now things should get back to normal, and from next weekend we can start to move our stuff up the mountain. Though our number one and only son won't be here for the hard work, he is off to Sydney for two weeks to visit with the grandparents, so he is looking forward to that. So he gets to miss the packing, cleaning and moving which he doesn't mind at all.

We have finished painting the walls on the outside of the house and have started on the garden. I have potted up some of my plants to take with us and just hope they survive all the transplanting. We still have a fair bit of work to do, and it is good to have time to chip away at it and not worry, rather than trying to do everything in a week. It will be easier to do the inside of the house when most of the stuff is moved out, so we are not starting on the inside until then, just working on the outside.

For today though, we won't do much, we are going to go to the golf driving range to hit a few balls around, and later this afternoon we are going to friend's for a BBQ. It has been raining all night here, right through the New Year, was quite loud on the roof, so it is rather wet this morning, the dog won't even get out of bed to go outside, she knows it is wet out there :)

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