Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet Pete

I have been AWOL this week as my parents are visiting but they go home next week so I should be back to normal after that and posting regularly.

In the mean time, please meet Pete. He is much bigger than Dave but he seems to be very nice.

Order has been restored to the flock (we could see it happening before our very eyes) and the hen that had been at the bottom of the pecking order and wasn't doing very well is now a favoured companion of Pete's. He is looking after her and she no longer looks like she might keel over at any moment.

We were hoping he would fit in alright with not many problems but actually feared there would be big fights. However, he just hopped out of the box and went over and said "Hey, I'm Pete" and they said "Oh, OK" and that was it. It was actually a bit of an anti-climax :D

Pete crows a bit in the morning, and at lunch and in the afternoon, but he doesn't go on and on so we are pretty happy about that. Might hear him about 5.30am once and the hens must tell him it is too early and I don't hear him again until about 6am.

So all is well in the chicken world :)

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