Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Range Chickens

Well, finally got the courage to let the chooks out and it wasn't so bad. No crazy dogs came and ate them, they didn't fall down the creek and they didn't fly up in to the trees.

Took them about half an hour to come out and then they roamed over the paddock. The second day they just came out and in the last fifteen minutes discovered the garden, and on the third day they remembered the garden after only being out for about ten minutes and came running past me to get to it.

Pete thinks it is a blast to fly up on top of the pen. You can actually see him thinking about it, looking up at the top, crouching down a bit and up he goes, with my partner in crime and life and myself saying "no, no, no".

It is good to see them roaming around, though they do need supervision, they are like children, they dig stuff up, roam too far (when you don't have fences this is bad) and they are so easy to watch as they are funny.


There can never be enough lists on how to save electricity, and over at Down To Earth there is a recent post about this very thing. A lot of these we already do or want to do (like get solar panels) regardless, it reminds us of what we should be doing so we go do it.

Here is a thought provoking post titled "Could You Live Without The Grocery Store?" at Life On A New Homestead, about processed food and chemicals in our food. Check it out.

This article about a mouse plague here in Australia that I didn't know we were having makes me think about other things I have been hearing. That there is a rabbit plague and also fox numbers have increased, has the weather improved? Yes it has. Maybe because we have had rain and conditions are good compared to the years of drought.


  1. That's a nice looking rooster. They are fun to watch aren't they. A cup of coffee, a good book and sitting in the sun near the chookpen. It is a good life.

    Did you manage to get rid of the smoke smell? I agree fires are pretty but the damage they can do is, like you say, not nice to think about.


  2. Barb, that is exactly what we are doing, reading while they run about and trying to keep them out of trouble.

    The smoke smell did go but I did throw a lot of clothes into the wash as they smelled bad, including ones that had been folded to be put away, back in the wash.

    I always remember huge bushfires as a teenager, we had to evacuate a couple of times. So much devastation and the smell of dead livestock after and having to look at it. Very sad.