Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Love A Modern World

The world was grey this morning, like in black and white photos. There was fog and then grey cloud coming up over the mountain making everything grey and unreal.

The paperbarks are all out in flower now but luckily only a few bats have been coming in for them, they don’t smell but they look good.

I have organised for a new rooster to come live with us, we will be picking him up on the weekend. Hopefully this will sort out the hens and pull them back into line, I have given them notice that this will be happening and to live it up while they can :D

The creek garden is coming along very well, the paw paws are flowering though no fruit yet and the pigeon peas are also growing well. The cow peas aren’t so good but the pumpkin has some little pumpkins that have set that look like they will stay on.

I actually don’t know how people survived back in the day when they were mostly self-sufficient, I have more failures than successes but I can go to the shops and buy what I can’t produce. Back in the day they couldn’t do that, especially if they lived out the back of beyond in the bush, it must have been so hard, no wonder they died young, life would have been tough.

Just basic living would have been hard; getting enough wood for the fire, to cook and keep warm would have been exhausting. Trying to grow enough food to have actual whole meals would have been hard, think about how you would get water to the garden without hoses. My creek garden has no tap at the moment (long term there will be I hope), and the creek has dried up so I am filling juice bottles with holes punched in the bottom and wheelbarrowing them across the paddock :(

All I can say is I love electricity and modern inventions and technology and hope I never have to live without them. While I want to be as self-sufficient as I can, I know there is only so much I can do.

I know I have said these things before, but I do think about it a bit, especially when the power goes out and we have to do things a different way, or when cutting a bit of wood to keep the fire going for a few nights, and that is with a chainsaw and decent tools. I think about it when my seedlings die or something digs into the garden, and I think about it when I go get a trailer load of garden soil because I have clay. I am just glad I live in this world and not way back when, at least I have a load of books for reference (and the internet) if I need to know something. Thank goodness for technology.


I liked this post at Survival Mom about how to complicate your life. We all do things the hard way sometimes (or a lot) and it is often unnecessary, we could do things the easy way like not taking on too much and being able to say no to people. However a lot of us can’t do that, we just have to take the hard road, need to change that.

The Harried Homemaker Preps has a recipe for a natural bug spray for the garden that I think I might try. I am pretty sure I have come across this before, however, I actually don’t use anything at all on the garden but think I might give it a go. I have caterpillars and have grasshoppers, so maybe this will help, I don’t think it will hurt.

Here is the latest post from Modern Muse regarding plastic and rubbish in general, I really need to go back over her blog.

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