Monday, June 6, 2011

I Hate Being Sick

Don’t you just hate being sick? I hardly ever get sick so maybe that makes it worse, I’m not sure, Anyway I have a cold and while it is not really bad it is very, very annoying.

However, despite having a cold we have been out chopping wood. I am getting fairly good with the block spitter, having to get used to the weight of it compared to an axe, at least it doesn’t get stuck in the wood like the axe.

We have fertilised all the fruit trees in the orchard and also the bananas, tamarinds and passionfruit. A few things were looking a bit sad as we are a bit slack in the feeding department, we water but don’t fertilise too much, a habit we need to improve upon. You don’t get the best out of your trees or garden if you don’t refresh the soil and look after it properly.

My partner in crime and life has brush cut around the garden edges as that hasn’t been done for a while and it was a little out of control. I have also planted the Abika (New Guinea Spinach) into a garden bed and pruned it with the hope that it will take off and the cuttings will also grow. Hope so as it is a very useful plant and I have neglected it for too long.

We really need to get a new rooster sooner rather than later, the balance of power within our small flock is squewif, we can see the difference since Dave died. So I must ring up and see if there is a young rooster that is available to come and live here, hope so, as it would restore the natural order of things, we can see that it is not right without a rooster.

So things are ordinary here, just doing what I have to and waiting out my cold, even a small cold makes you feel like not doing very much, but that is what you should do when you are sick otherwise whatever you have hangs around longer. I am also a big believer in hankies, I carry hankies everywhere, however when we have colds I think tissues are best so we can get rid of the germs into the fire, anywhere away from us so we don’t spread it around.

So I am going to go and not do very much and try and get rid of it, must go make up a hot lemon drink, I have a recipe for a concoction that was given to me a few years ago and have hardly ever used it as I don’t often need it.


When you feel a cold or flu coming on (may be too late for me)
Cut 2 lemons into quarters, place in a saucepan and cover with water and simmer for aprrox 5 mins. Take out the seeds and blend everything including the skins. Store in a jar in the fridge.

Place 3 teaspoons into a cup with some water, hot or cold, and some honey. Drink.


There is a post at Organised Castle blog that inspires me to be more organised. She has been organising her pantry (would love a pantry like this one) and sewing, these are the posts that have me getting up doing these things too, and the little dresses she made are gorgeous.

African Aussie has some great photos of butterflies on here blog, I am going to use them for inspiration for painting, when I get the courage to pick up a paintbrush, as at the moment I am just looking at my brushes and psyching myself up.

Here is an interesting article about bananas which I am going to have to do some more research on. While it is true that I mainly see Cavendish bananas in the supermarkets, it is also true that I can’t remember seeing a Cavendish banana plant for sale, only other varieties. So I need to check this out some more.


  1. Sorry you are not feeling well, and hope your lemon drink does the trick. I have done that same thing with a cold lemon or orange drink - I love the taste of the peel. Thanks for the link, it will be cool to see what you paint! This weekend I want to try to make a mosaic bath for the butterflies.

  2. Thanks :) as long as the cough goes soon but I do feel better now.

    Make sure you put your mosaic butterfly bath on your blog, I would love to see it.