Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Am Over Winter

I really can’t wait for the cold weather to be over, I know what winter is like so bring on summer. I want to wear shorts and not jumpers. My world was cold and foggy this morning and I know I have a lot of things to do but it is hard to get motivated when my fingers won’t move.

So here is what our place looked like at the crack of dawn this morning.

Also, here is the moon this morning, it is all glowy. I am using words like that a lot at the moment, no other words come close to this discription, even telling my Tai Chi class to be more flowy (it is a technical term, I swear).

We are planting more natives on the boundary, they are callistamon’s so they will have very pretty bottlebrush flowers. We are using these as screens as we like our privacy, just have to wait for them to grow.

I have two pumpkins on my vine at the creek, the paw paw trees are starting to get some fruit and the strawberries are starting to flower and we have gotten a couple strawberries to eat, very sweet. I have planted some seeds out but it is too cold for them to germinate and some animal have been digging some holes, I seriously need to get a fence up.

In another week we will be letting the chooks out to free range for a short time in the afternoon. I am a little nervous about this but it seems the pig dogs are gone so it should be OK. I will only be letting them out late in the afternoon so they will only be roaming around for a couple of hours, but I do need to get a fence up around the garden. When I go into town for Tai Chi on Thursday I think I will stop by the hardware store and get some fencing.

Pete the rooster has settles in very well and at night he sleeps right in the middle with three hens on each side. Though, there does seem to be some fighting amongst the hens and I am not sure if they are fighting over Pete or they just don’t like each other, but the mean skinny chooks do seem to pick on the plump motherly hens.


I haven’t been on the computer much and have a lot of blogs to catch up on but here are a couple that have caught my eye this morning. I am following this food storage challenge at Denley Diaries, I like having enough in the cupboards to cook whatever I want whenever I want, and also for events just like the wild weather causing havoc in the southern Australia where people have lost power and trees are down and so on.

Another blog is The Glass Half Empty, she has had Rooster issues, as in too many. I don’t have those problems but I know people who do.

I thought this article titled Why The World Isn’t Getting Any Smaller was an interesting read.

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