Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Planets Are Aligning

We got up early this morning to have a look at the planets aligning. Two very bright stars and two others not too far away, it is not going to happen again until about 2056 (I think) so it was worth braving the cold.

Talking about cold (and I will probably go on about it while it is cold) it was 12 degrees C inside when we got up at 5.30am, and while my partner in crime and life walked the dog I got the fire going and loaded up. So while it is still cold, the fire has taken the edge off and the kettle is boiling away for the many cups of teas I will have this morning.

We are going to be doing some work today to increase our warmth inside. We are going to do some more wood chopping (takes a lot of work to get enough wood to have a pile sitting out there) and we are going to block off our air vents in the roof that is letting out all the hot air.

The vents work well for our tropical climate (the shed/house is designed for the tropics) but for our little bit of cold weather in the middle of the year it is bad, we have enough gaps with roller doors and stuff without the vents as well. So for just a couple of months we will block them.

The dam was looking very pretty this morning with a bit of mist over the water and the sun coming up. There are some beautiful pink flowers out at the moment which make it look even better.


Some words of wisdom have been posted at Happy Family, Healthy Family that I think we should all take notice of. These are things we should really think about so we can go out and live the life we should.

I really hate (and that isn’t even a strong enough word for it) factory farming, and am yet to watch more than half an hour of Food Inc. Anyway, here is an interview with someone in the know regarding the future of factory farming.


  1. KJ

    You're a braver woman than I. My daughter, in Grade 1, is learning all about planets this term and was told about seeing the planets this morning. We opted for a sleep in instead.

  2. Ann, I could post a photo of it but a description is just as good. Complete black with two shiny spots in the middle. There, you didn't miss a thing :D