Friday, May 20, 2011

I Got Locked In The Toilet

We just can’t afford to blink as time just gets away and we can’t get it back. Hasn’t the week gone quickly? Friday is here again.

The most interesting thing to happen to me this week is not that my cucumber seeds have popped up or that we had a lovely peaceful Tai Chi class, but that I got locked in my friends’ toilet yesterday :))

I went and was having a lovely lunch with a couple a friends, sitting around the pool, and as you do from time to time, I needed to go to the toilet. So off I went, did my thing, and went to go out and the door handle came off in my hand. Put it back on tried to turn the handle and it really wasn’t working, so I was standing there in disbelief looking at the handle in my hand like someone in a comedy. What do I do? Bang on the door in the hope that someone will hear me or wait until my presence is missed? I went with the banging on the door.

Didn’t take long for my friends to hear me, but what did Kate say to me? “Why did you shut the door?” Now I know that at home that there is no point in shutting the door as we have always had dogs that come barging in and we also seem to hold many conversations while on the toilet, but at other people’s homes we tend to shut the door. So of course my answer to the questions was “Because that is what people do” or something along those lines :P

So there was much noise on the other side of the door, I was trying not to laugh because it was just too ridiculous, and we were still no closer to opening the door. There was a thought going through my mind that maybe they would call some hunky fireman trades person to get me out, but it was not to be. I asked for a screwdriver to be passed through the tiny toilet window and I undid the only screw on my side and they did something on their side and I was out.

I have done many things in my life, a few a bit embarrassing but at least I can say I have done them and now I can cross this off my bucket list and have no regrets that I have not done it :p

So back to my ordinary life. I have planted more gigantic cucumbers which have come up, I have put in more snake beans but they aren’t to be seen yet nor are the winged beans, better more in. The potatoes are come along well with this latest lot looking good.

I always plant the bottom of the spring onions I buy so that they will continue growing in my garden and I won’t have to buy them, this bunch are coming along quite well, though I won’t cut any of them just yet. The next thing for me to plant are radishes (not too many at once like I did last year) and also some more rocket.

Dave the rooster is looking very good now and he is trying so hard to crow but isn’t quite there yet. He sounds more like a broken record, however he isn’t failing in the sex department as the few eggs we are getting are fertilised (and I saw them one morning which was too much for my brain to cope with at 6.30am). He is a very sweet rooster, and he is very pretty, and I think he knows it :)

One last thing, I made baked beans for our dinner last night, so yummy, I had never made them before and I made the quick version, what a success. I had been reading how others have made them and would never go back to the tinned ones, I so agree. Our number one and only son agreed too and next time we may make the slow cooker ones but the quick ones were pretty good, and there were no extras in them like additives or flavours or colours or anything.


Apparently the world is going to end tomorrow and it even made mainstream news on the ABC, the zombies are coming. And here is the link for preparing for the zombie apocalypse as I couldn’t make it work from the ABC site.

There is a post about Nutella cup cakes at Moo said the Mama. I am thinking that our number one and only son might like these, never heard of them before but seeing as he is into Nutella at the moment why not? However none for my partner in crime and life or myself as we are still off the bad stuff like sugar (it is too hard to lose when you are getting a bit older so sacrifices have to be made) but maybe just one to see what they taste like :p

At Chicky-Bit Run she has come over to the side of, well, I am going to say good here but not implying that she wasn’t good before, regarding GM food, she watched The Future of Food. Take a look at her blog and see her thoughts regarding this, we all need to do this, including those of us who are already there, never hurts to revisit these things (as long as I don’t get nightmares).

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