Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Cold Then It's Warm Then It's Cold

It looks like I am posting twice today but I am not, but kind of am. Everyone has been having trouble posting but it has now been fixed and I am posting again today, kind of :D

Seeing I can’t sew at the moment I have decided to make use of the cold weather and get into my crocheting. I actually have many projects I want to do like dishcloths, drink coasters, more blankets etc but have decided to make myself a vest. Just something to throw on when I get a little chilli, been wanting one for ages and seeing I have heaps of wool to use up now is the time.

The only thing is I hope I have enough of the same coloured wool to complete it and not have to change colours as I refuse to buy more wool. I actually am using three different colours at once to make up the thickness so if I have to change hopefully it won’t be so dramatic. I also am using a 10mm crochet needle which feels a little odd as I am not used to using such a large needle, but it makes things go quicker than usual.

After going on about how it was getting cold, it got warm, but now it is cold again. So the fire was lit up last night to keep out the chill brought about by a cold front coming through, the fire is also lit again this morning. Now I know this isn’t cold to some people but it was 13 degrees Celsius this morning, and that is cold for us.

Today I have to do some cooking as we have nothing to eat in the house, I think I will make some bread, biscuits and muffins, depending on the egg situation. Unfortunately I can’t make anything too yummy, as without a doubt, it will be unhealthy, and we are staying away from the bad stuff for a while. So I will have to search the recipes as all the good ones usually have chocolate chips in it and other such stuff.


This is a blog that I have recently added to my list from The Survival Mom Blogring and I just love the name Second Star on the Right. It looks like it will be interesting and the photography is pretty good.

I really like Scathing Weekly blog, and this post, as usual, is good. This woman can write well and hold even my interest (I am easily distracted, which according to a scientific report I read yesterday means I have a larger brain :P ). Though how she finds the time to read all these books is beyond me but she does, and her reviews are always fantastic, never thought I would find a review of a financial book interesting, but she gets me in :)

I am always looking for healthy meals that are also yummy and I think I will try out this lentil recipe at Down To Earth. I do have a few similar but the family is hard to please so will press on with the search. I think I will try this today as we are going to parent/teacher interviews this afternoon and it will be easier to have something hot to come home to rather than have to cook then.

This article at Treehugger about used car tyres being made for pots is just another example of recycling. I want one of these pots for a wood bucket for my fire :)


  1. Hi KJ! Isn't it getting cold, especially for Queensland's standards. But then again, the weather's been all over the place these last couple of years. Hopefully winter will be finished by July! That's wishful thinking!


  2. Anne,you are right, winter should be finished by July. My hubby says everything is moving to the right :D

  3. Love the tire pots! And your shirt tirned out beautifully...I'm having a cuppa and thinking of you in cold weather...stay cozy by the fire!