Monday, May 23, 2011

Messenger From The Universe

Monday again and I am getting ready for the week. I only have one class this week which means I have plenty of time to do stuff at home and get it all done (in theory).

My friend Kate is turning out to be the voice in my head this year. You know how you say you are going to do things and then put them off for whatever reason, for me it is sewing and painting, and then the universe sends you a messenger. Mine is Kate, because of her I have started back into sewing and yesterday I got out my easel that my partner in crime and life made me quite a few years ago.

Kate is an artist and a writer and just tells me to get in and do it, and she is so right, you shouldn’t put things off. I always enjoyed painting even though I am not very good, enjoying something is more important than being good at it, so I am dragging everything out and am going to do it all, in between gardening and chopping wood and making bread and baked beans (my latest favourite food to cook).

Our number one and only son had a friend stay over on the weekend and they enjoyed themselves. They got out the go cart and rode it down the road and I just sing la la la if they want to tell me about any stunts they tried to do, ignorance is bliss sometimes. They also got the BBQ started over at the dam and cooked sausages and onions for lunch, food always tastes better when cooked outside.

We bought a block splitter the other day, after realising that the axe just wasn’t up to the job of splitting wood. So all the unsplitable wood got split, which is great as we were wondering how we were going to do that, and is now stacked on the pile, sort of, it fell over actually, so I will have to go and restack it in a safe way.

Amazing what you can do with the correct tools, we are gradually getting a nice collection. It is important to have tools, I have seen people who have a shed with virtually nothing in it and wouldn’t even be able to hammer a nail into anything. I think it is crazy, and I have a collection of tools which are just for the house. I have been thinking recently that I need a larger tool box as I currently only have a small tool box and a cardboard box with my stuff in it and I want one with wheels. I love the hardware store.


I have to stop reading other peoples blogs (not really) as they tend to write really good posts on food and stuff, which just makes me hungry. Blogs like Domesblissity and Taiwanxifu seem to have lots of pictures of yummy food all the time (I know, that is what people write about) and I can’t stop myself from reading them.

These are the things I love hearing about and of course now I want to do it too. Making canvas bags out of recycled material that had been used for another purpose. I love bags but not the sparkly ones but the ones I can use every day to drag my shopping home in, I have quite a few. In saying that however we still manage to have plastic bags in the house though I don’t get them, they still make it home one way or another, imagine how many I would have if I didn’t care about it. Imagine if I didn’t’ always take my canvas/reusable bags shopping and didn’t always refuse plastic, we would be inundated, even our number one and only son who is nearly 14 years old refuses plastic bags, and we still get some at home. Anyway, have a look at this article about how they are going to make canvas bags to give away after doing the largest hand painted canvas in the world.

Check out this article about this house that looks like a crop circle from the air, it is in Victoria Australia, made from local materials and I think it looks alright, they have pretty good views out their windows too.

In Pakistan, because of an energy crisis and the rising costs of electricity, they want to introduce an energy bill so that in homes and in industry they must use energy efficient appliances.


  1. Hi KJ. Thanks for the mention. I'm not sure whether it's just because I'm obsessed with food or whether I just like to eat yummy things but food's the number one priority in my house. The kid's welfare, the tidy house and the washing all come a very sad last! LOL (Not really. LOL)

    Anne xx

  2. Your welcome Anne, I love looking at what others are cooking or eating, some of it is just off the menu for the moment so I am drooling :D