Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Catch Up

Well, I have had a break from blogging for two weeks and am ready to get back into it, it is good to take a break from stuff from time to time.

I now need to start to clean up the garden to plant more things, the only problem is that the things that do well, do REALLY well and take over everything. I need a plan. I have also had to start watering by hand now the wet season is over, it was nice to not have to do it and be a truly lazy gardener, to be able to eat out of the garden and not to have to actually do very much. There is more work in the dry season, guess I just can’t have it all :)

The winged beans have finally gotten beans on them and we had them in our rice last night, I saved the seeds out of the largest one. Quite nice and should grow all year.

I have picked the first paw paw grown on the property, and it is large enough that I can easily share with the chooks when it is fully ripened. The paw paws down the creek are growing like crazy and it looks like there are two male and two female, so pretty good, only need one male so may take one out.

The pigeon peas look like they are going to get peas on them soon, I noticed when I was cutting some leaves to give to the chooks. They are good food for the chooks and grow well, I just cut off the stuff sticking out to try and keep them under control, but I do need them to get peas on them so I can collect seeds for planting and giving away.

There is still only one chook laying, the smallest skinniest one, the big fat ones aren’t doing anything except eating. They just have to start soon. Dave the rooster has also started trying to crow, it is quite funny, like his voice is breaking :D


At the blog A Northern Life is a post about peak oil (yes I am still on about that) and a link to an article about how “THE AGE of cheap oil is now over – and that’s official “. If you are thinking that “hey, we haven’t run out of oil yet, what’s the fuss?” near the bottom of the article “Dr Birol said more oil reserves “might be there”, but access was not.” Anyway, check out the blog and the article.

Check out Wangara- Our Muddy blog, we went and had a brief visit and I so love mud brick houses, it was gorgeous, lovely house and lovely property. I loved just looking around it and seeing what they have done and what they will do, and my partner in crime checked out the solar panels and stuff which provides the electricity. If you haven’t caught on yet, they are off grid with their power and water and some food. Yes, they produce their own electricity, catch their own water and have a vege garden.

I am against growing genetically modified (GM) food and also the lack of labelling, however we are now growing GM food here in Australia (we have also let Monsanto get a foot in the door). If you want to know a little more, you can check it out here.

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