Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Think I Should Go Back To Bed

Some days you should really just go back to bed, and it doesn’t take very long to realise it. By eight o’clock this morning the dog had ripped up my brand new sewing pattern that I had bought the other day (and we all know how expensive they are, now I have to wait until I get more pocket money to replace it), and I had burned my toast (not that I think that eating crunchy cardboard is especially nutritious but I like it under an egg, time for a review of this practice). Just waiting for the third thing, these things always come in threes if you are superstitious, just like it is bad luck to walk under ladders, not :)

Time to move on with the day and do something positive, I was going to cut out the new pattern but will now maybe do some gardening, being outside is always nice. Might take out my IPOD for some music to sing along with, it is good to sing really loud (especially knowing no-one can hear you).

My shirts turned out really well. I made up the practice shirt so I could get all the mistakes out of the way, however when I made up the good shirt I just made new ones, goes to show how long it has been since I have sewed anything. However they turned out really well and unless I point out the mistakes I don’t think that anyone will notice.

I used buttons on the practice shirt but the real shirt has what is called frog closures, though I did find that one of the five frog closures I bought was a different colour white to the others, obviously not all white is the same. So I currently have four for the shirt and when I go back into town I will get a fifth one (maybe that was my first of the three things to go wrong).

I have some more potatoes popping up in the garden, I have actually spread out the plantings so I should have a succession of potatoes. My garden planning is improving with time, lots of time.

I am able to pick our next pumpkin today with one left on the vine, I am going to have pumpkin soup for lunch. Now I have to do some extra nurturing of the pumpkin patch down at the creek so it starts to produce, I miss pumpkin when I don’t have it.

Now we are getting a reasonable amount out of the garden, I am making these things do rather than buying to make up for we are missing. I think this important so there is no wastage, using what you have and it makes you use your imagination by not having the exact ingredients for recipes (something I need lots of practice in). And besides, that is one reason why I have a big garden, so I don’t have to buy everything to feed us.


The economy is never far from my thoughts. The Australian Government is delivering its budget today and apparently we have a booming economy, what the? While on the other side of the world, things are getting worse in Greece, they just can’t seem to sort themselves out.

At the New Scientist site they have lots of good articles but this one caught my eye about fish. It is about how they are growing up fast and whether it is evolution or environment (seeing we are decimating fish stocks). From there, there are other good articles along similar lines.

The recent post at Aspiring Millionaire is a good list of how to stop spending. The best one I find is to just not go to town at all, like this week, the last time was Saturday and the next time is Thursday, can’t spend if you are not there. Check it out.

I also liked this post at Fast, Cheap and Good: Sustainability, One Choice at a Time, about differing philosophies in regards to weeds. What is a weed to one person is another person’s dinner :D


  1. Thanks for the mention.

    Great job on the shirt! :)

  2. You're welcome and Thanks so much :)