Friday, July 29, 2011


Last week we went bushwalking at a place just up the road from us. It is amazing how close some beautiful places are. Actually, when I say bushwalking, I also mean that there was a bit of rock climbing as well.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves even though we didn’t go far. It was really just a “lets check it out and see what it is like there” trip, so next time we will pack our lunch and go further, this time we had to turn around when we got hungry as our lunch was in the truck. Another thing we will have to do is get a proper map and take the compass, it is not really off the beaten track but I do like to know exactly where we are.

There were a lot of people camping close to the parking area and not going far which suits us as we wouldn’t stay around there, no-one seemed to go walking anywhere so we were on our own.

There are more areas further along to check out, though there is a fair bit to explore right where we were. Can’t beat the Australian bush, there is something about it that can’t be found anywhere else; I would take the bush over the beach any day.


An asteroid has been found not too far from earth. Have a look here.

Here is a post on how to save cucumber seeds at Life on a New Homestead.

I really enjoyed this post at Fast, Cheap and Good: Sustainability One Choice at a Time. It is titled The Green Thing, you have to read it.

At Apartment Prepper’s blog is a post titled Supply Check about checking things like batteries in torches and dates on First Aid supplies. I have found the same thing here at my house recently, paracetamol that has gone to the bottom and is outdated, I also went through my car kit. So check out the post to remind yourself to check things.


  1. Great photos. It's so nice to have bush walks that are close to you.

  2. Thanks Sammy :) It is good to have a State Forrest so close, we are going again this weekend.