Friday, July 22, 2011

Jobs For A Cold Weekend

It has turned cold here again and I am having a love affair with my beanie and scarf, they are at the very least my new best friends. I look very sexy (not) in my pink stripy beanie and scarf, but they are made from lambs wool and angora and are very warm which is the main thing, don’t care what I look like as long as I am warm.

Hopefully the cold won’t last long this time as I have planted out seeds and they have popped up, I have put in gigantic cucumbers and snake beans and I want them to survive. We also have corn to put in and best do that this weekend. Last year’s lot produced so well that we were able to freeze some of it for later which was great.

Our other job for the weekend is to put more blood and bone on everything, the garden, the orchard, the natives, and of course the tamarinds. Everything is having new growth at the moment and it also looks like we will get a few mangoes off the mango trees. The very short one that produced about six mangoes last year has flowers on it again and so does largest one, the tall skinny one looks like it is getting new leaves, so a win all round. These were some of the neglected trees that were here when we bought the property so it is good to see them coming along with some water and food, takes a while.

Today we are going to go bushwalking at a place not far from here, yesterday was my birthday and we usually go away camping for the weekend as it is always a long weekend here (Show day today) but this year we haven’t and may go away later in the year. So instead we are going bushwalking, my partner in crime and life has made me this terribly evil chocolate log and they will be cooking me a lovely roast for dinner tonight.

If there is time I also want to do some cooking. A lovely lady from my one of my Tai Chi classes has been emailing some lovely recipes so I want to make another one of these. Yesterday I also bought some granny smith apples that were on special so I can make Eric’s Apple Pie (also known as Poppy's Apple Pie) and mini apple pies.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything for my birthday as our number one and only son was at school, my partner in crime and life was sleeping the day away (I suppose he has a good excuse as he does do night shift) and I had to go to town and I had a Tai Chi class. So there wasn’t much time for me to do anything, however before I left for town, my partner in crime and life dragged himself out of bed after about four or five hours sleep to give me my homemade (the best kind) birthday card, which was just lovely.

So this weekend is about doing what I want, I always like to make a week of it, even if I just feel like I am doing what I want. I actually like to spend time on my own or just with my partner in crime and life and one and only son. So this week, when I went to buy star pickets I also had a little shop and bought myself a much needed new top, it was fun, I don’t normally like shopping but during this week I do.


Along with my fascinations with hardware stores for tools, books and my computer, I also love stationary. Can’t say why, but I love folders and notebooks and pens and pencils and all that. So I totally get this post from Survival Mom, every time it is back to school here I get extra stuff to put in my drawers and homemade pencil pots.

I am always on the lookout for recipes that don’t have a million ingredients, are healthy and don’t have meat. We do eat meat, I believe we are meant to eat meat, but I think we eat too much meat, I like to have on hand a lot of recipes that don’t have meat so I can throw them in every other day if I can. So here is another one at Penniless Parenting that I will have to try out.

A good post from Canadian Doomer about lessons learnt from camping. I always learn that I like being comfortable, and I would rather have good quality long last stuff than lots of cheap rubbish (like good camp beds rather than cheap ones). However, there are some more things to think about on her list that I think should be taken into consideration, so take a look.


  1. Oh how I'd love a cold weekend right about now.. at 90 degrees early evening here, there is no chance! A happy belated birthday to you. I enjoyed living vicariously through your post. Thank you KJ.

  2. Thanks :D

    I have been watching how hot you are over there, hope it ends soon for you.

    I try to catch up with everyone's blog about once a week and thoroughly enjoy reading about everyone's lives too.