Monday, July 18, 2011


Now our chookies are laying regularly I am thinking about eggs a lot. I am thinking about how often a chook lays and how big the eggs are.

You know how we have always been told that it takes three minutes to boil an egg? Well the eggs I had been buying would take at least five minutes and sometimes that was not long enough, but the eggs we are now getting from our hens take three minutes.

So, obviously there are a lot of hens out there that have been breed to lay rather large eggs compared to what they would naturally lay. The eggs we are getting are quite small compared to the ones we were buying and this bothers me as what is this doing to the hens that are bred for laying large eggs? Probably nothing, but still, there is something about it that bothers me.

Our hens are all laying and we are only getting three or four eggs a day out of six hens, their natural laying cycle being an egg about every 26 to 30 hours, so our hens lay in the morning and in the afternoon.

You can see how small our eggs are in the egg cup, but they have cooked perfectly in three minutes, and they have a regular sized yolk, just not so much white.


Here is a good article about greening your wardrobe that I liked,it has a bit more information than just recycle, op shop and don't use a dry cleaner.

And while I am on a roll, here is one about going green like celebrities, and I thought they were all selfish and rich, not really, didn't think that:D I knew that some celebrities were doing some good things.


  1. My eggs are smaller too...I know what you mean about store bought ones! Poor chickens having to lay something twice as big, good thing We never had to birth a 14 pound baby! LOL!

  2. So true, and they have to do it every day :D