Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Fence

We have finally started fencing our property. The job is not as large or hard as we thought but not easy either, depending on whether the ground it hard or soft, and it is harder on my partner in crime and life than it is on me (he has stronger muscles than me so has done more).

The fence became a more urgent thing with the chooks starting to roam far and wide, so the fence came to the top of the list. And that is how most things get to the top of the list, they become urgent.

So the chooks are sort of contained, with the smaller ones popping through with no trouble and the larger ones squeezing through too though less often than the others. So we will run some chicken wire along the bottom of the fence and while we know they can fly, hopefully they won’t.

We actually haven’t finished the fence yet, we are halfway across the front of the property, and so have a little to go, also the gates. We won’t be fencing across the back along the creek as we want the wallabies to still be able to come onto the property and get back out through the bush, but at least dogs won’t be able to get on from the front. It will also discourage strangers from just wandering in, we hope.


This post from Survival Mom reminds me that we need to go through our boxes stored up above our room. We are still missing things from our move that we do go in search for and can’t find, so a declutter of the boxes is overdue, and also label the boxes with the things we keep. This job is starting to move closer to the top of the list.

Check out the photos on this blog of all the fresh fruit, I am drooling, wish our fruit trees would hurry up and mature and fruit. The blog is called The Prudent Homemaker and I just came across it the other day and am still looking through it, looks good.

I really enjoyed reading this article about an energy efficient village, what they did and the details of it. Although we are seeing this more and more, I still think we don’t build our homes good enough, so this is encouraging.

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