Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where Has Our Son Gone?

It is interesting as time goes on to see how our number one and only son grows. As he is our only child everything is a new and once only experience.

However, at the moment it seems that aliens have abducted him and replaced him with a clone who helps without complaints and even makes biscuits. He ironed his school uniform without so much as a murmur and is holding intelligent conversations with not much grunting, groaning, yeah, nah, dunno or can't remember. What is going on? He is only 14 years old and needs to be difficult and uncommunicative for at least another four to six years years yet :P

As for me this week, seems that I am unable to cook without burning food to the bottom of saucepans. Don't normally do, but I will have the visible evidence of burnt on rice in one saucepan and also stewed apples in yet another saucepan(which I am hoping to salvage by turning into apple crumple and smothering with custard to disguise any burned taste, if not, then the dog never seems to mind).

My partner in crime and life parents arrive today for a two week visit, they will be staying in town as we can't cater for overnight visitors in our shed house. We have plans for a picnic, local markets and a few trips out to various places.

Still waiting to see if any baby chicks hatch out but we are ready with water and chick food if that happens. Now another hen has gone broody, Orange, the one with more personality than you would believe, though she is trying to take over Pink's nest and this morning they were in together. If any chicks hatch out it will interesting to see who they bond to.


I have lost my favourites button along with my million or so favourite sites, I am sure I will find them somewhere, just not in the next five minutes :(

African Aussie has a good post about free stuff in the garden. I love posts like this as I am inspired to grow more of my own like beans now as we use lots of beans here. New recipes I have tried, and liked, this year include: baked beans, vegetarian sausages, a new curry recipe and of course beans and rice. May as well grow my own.

As I always love recipes (and I have certainly tried a lot of new ones this year)here is another one from over at Organised Castle I am going to try. We always like to have lots of stuff for lunch boxes in the freezer, so we will cook up Anzac Cake,might do it this morning.

I want to send my wishes to Marie (who writes Eclectic Homeschooling) who is going in for a hip replacement. Thinking of you from the other side of the world.

I really liked this post at New life on a Homestead. We all wish we had more time and more energy to do stuff, however I think the best idea on this post is to ditch the TV. Really, you are just killing your brain when it comes to TV, and I really hate reality TV,footy talk shows, modelling shows and various other shallow, mean shows, and there seems to be a new one out every five minutes (I see them advertised while killing my own brain in front of the idiot box). I do watch TV, but generally pick what I watch and it is only at night and not during the day, still, think how much time (and life) we could regain by getting rid of the TV, maybe just have it so we can watch a good movie or doco.


  1. Thank you for the link to my blog post, I was so excited to see those beans come up. Oh I agree with you about the TV, but we tend to put it on in the evening and then never get up and do anything else if there is just rubbish on. Does it count as using the time efficiently if I knit at the same time?

  2. Did you try the Anzac cake? I will definitely be making it again.