Friday, August 12, 2011

World Events

I have been so distracted by the events of the world this week that I have forgotten to post. There has been the economic events in the US and Europe and the riots in the UK and the ripple effects of all this. There have been other events that haven’t been quite mainstream (at least not in my world) like the aircraft carrier that the Chinese have refurbished/finished putting together, and is now out and about in the world, and another earthquake in Japan in the same region of that devastating one in March.

I think I may have an un-natural obsession with the news, however I do like to know what is going on in the world as the ripple effect of events can be far reaching. It is not only the events of something just up the road that affects us, like the horse that died of Hendra virus a bit ago and we had Bio-Security come and visit us on our little piece of land, but events on the other side of the world like the economic turmoil going on right now, don’t want to look at what that has done to our superannuation.

However, in between all this world distraction, life goes on.

Pink, one of our hens, should have some babies any day now, she has six eggs under her so we will see how many hatch out.

I had a lovely lunch with friends on Tuesday, life sure is good when you can eat great food (lovingly made by one of the wonderful friends) and enjoy the company of intelligent, funny women.

I went a loaded up the car the other day with more fencing stuff, so hopefully we can finish of the boundary fence and then in a couple of weeks put on the front gate. I also got more chicken wire to fence off more of the garden so I can plant more stuff (I am a bit behind with this as I need to fence first), we will also be putting wire around some of our tree as the chooks just love scratching around them and the trees are too little to cope yet. The ones we will put wire around are some of the natives, the tamarinds and probably the passionfruit, luffa and chokos.

My partner in crime and life made pickled eggs yesterday and they should be ready in a week. Even though we get eggs every day, we had to stop eating them so we have enough to pickle, he used twelve. The next thing will be pickling onions, which we also haven’t done before.


Where does the radioactive waste from Fukushima go? Are they doing enough? On reading this article, it doesn’t seem like they are.

Here is a post at Penniless Parenting that I completely agree with about wooden toys. Plastic is toxic and doesn’t last for as long and when you play with wooden toys you can feel the difference in quality. I don’t really play with toys, much, however I do know what will last and what is not poisonous and I believe it is worth it to pay a bit more and in the long run it does work out cheaper.

Here are a couple of articles relating to China’s new aircraft carrier,for those who missed it, “China's refitted aircraft carrier platform sets sail for first sea trial” and another here from The Courier Mail.


  1. It is disconcerting I agree. I always check the news too and am grateful for the daily tasks that are normal and soothing to the soul. Ironing, dishes, folding warm clothes out of the dryer or crisp fresh ones from the line. Somehow the world comes back into perspective with the daily ordinary tasks of living.

    I do hope things settle down soon but I wonder if it will get worse before better?? Keep canning right?!

  2. Okay after reading the articles above I'm going to need to do extra ironing. Sometimes our world seems like a scary place.

  3. I agree, it is soothing to do the normal routine, and SO agree with the crisp sunshiny clothes from the line :)

    Unfortunately there is always something going on in the world, and while some choose to ignore it because of that, I really think we should be informed and not bury our heads. However, the comfort of our lives and homes is what keeps us from being overwhelmed by it all.

    I too hope it all settles down soon, but if not, I will take in the information and then I will just go do some gardening, crocheting or chook watching :D