Monday, February 21, 2011

Gigantic Cucumbers

One of the things I try to do is to plant things that will grow all year round and produce most of the time. Of course it depends on the type a vegetable I plant too, not all types of tomatoes will grow all year round but the wild cherry tomato plant that is growing like crazy right now is one that will.

I kid you not, these are cucumbers.

In a previous post I wrote about these cucumbers that were given to us, they grow all year round and produce massive cucumbers. I saved the seeds and planted them, they grew and grew and grew.

Would you believe that I didn't see these in the garden? Really, I didn't :D

Anyway, they are very crispy, and if we can't get through them I am going to pickle them or give them to the chooks, they will love them.

So far I have found that snake beans, wild cherry tomatoes, sweet potato and gigantic cucumbers will grow through the wet (and the rest of the year). Those are the things with actual food, other things are the leafy greens like ceylon spinach, kang kong, betel leaf and rocket. There is also rosella, pigeon peas and paw paw, all can produce all year if I planted them to do that.

There are also a few herbs that survive all year too, I still have in the garden parsley, chives, curry plant, some sad basil and oregano. I think I could throw together a meal of some description with only these things, it might not be much but I could do it.

Anyway, I now have to keep an eye on the other cucumber out there as it isn't very far away from being ready to pick, and I will have to have a good search to see if there are any more that I missed :D


  1. Amazing Cukes! I bet you enjoy the year round growing season for sure! We have a spring and a fall harvest here. I am sorry I didn't get back to you about your blog ring button. If I remember correctly, when you open your email file and right mouse click on it you are able to cut and paste the image, and it also gives you a choice to cut and paste a location. Cut and paste the location right on top of your image. I think that's how I did it. Let me know! Marie

  2. Hey Marie, my hubby just keeps cutting bits off the cucumber and eating it, they are amazing :)

    I tried cutting and pasting the link and it didn't work for me, I have no image to cut and paste in my email. Oh well, I have the image and the link, they are just separate.

    Thanks for the info though, there are many things about blogging I don't know how to do so I need to go and find out. Need about 48 hours in a day too :D

  3. Personally, I have never seen any so big, the chooks are also loving them.