Friday, February 11, 2011

Survival Mom Blogring

I have been accepted into a blogring on the Survival Mom site. It is for women only and it is great to be able to link to other like minded women who are blogging about their lives.

The Survival Mom is a site I visit regularly which has lots of great information on prepping and links to other sites too. Now I just have figure out how to add the logo to my blog :) I am a little slow on these things but will get there, go check it out in the mean time.

We had a double rainbow the other day and it was a full one too.

We have had a bit of rain this week and even though everything is quite damp, the sky has looked spectacular.

The clouds have been really black.

The sunsets spectacular.

I planted out some seeds in pots the other day as something has been eating the seeds I have planted in the garden. So I planted corn, rosella, pidgeon peas, cow peas, jalepeno chillis and yam beans and guess what, something ate some of those seeds too, right out of the pots. Pretty sure it is a bandicoot, so I will replant today and make sure I bring the pots in tonight

So best go do something despite the rain, no mowing though :D


  1. That rainbow shot is just gorgeous, makes you believe there just might be a pot of gold at the end!

  2. Hey Mel, I have always thought so and have always tried to see where the end was. This was a full rainbow too which you don't see a lot but I couldn't get the whole thing in the photo.


  3. Fantastic clouds! It took me two days of sweating and praying to figure out that button linky thing, and if I can remember all the steps,I'll let you know..

  4. Thanks True Texan. I have managed to put the picture of the button on, but you can't click on it, have to use the link above it, took me ages to figure that out :) Any help would be really appreciated.