Friday, February 25, 2011

The Rain is Back

I have a fellow blogger in the family. My partner in crime and life’s cousin’s daughter (saying family is easier) is blogging about their life on property outside Goulburn and their mud brick home which they are renovating (and we are hoping to visit when we go down there in April). So “hi” Mel, I am looking forward to seeing what you are doing out there. I would put the link to her blog in, except I can’t, but she is linked up on the side there under “My Blog List”, it is called “ Wangara – Our Muddy”.

Ok, so here are the pumpkins that I also didn’t see, I swear I was looking :D

After a rather dry spell for a wet season, the rain has kicked back in with a vengeance and the dam is overflowing and in 24 hours we have had (I think) just over 200mm (or about 8 inches for those who still work in the imperial system).

So after watering everything when it wasn’t raining, it is all now rather soaked with the downpour.

I had to wear my gum boots to the car yesterday to go into town to teach my Tai Chi class otherwise I would have been ankle deep in water no matter which way I went. I did take other shoes with me as I didn’t think that gum boots would have been very fashionable around town.

Today I have to do something about the chook pen as the girlies are very unhappy with the water and won’t come out. So I guess I will go cut some grass and stuff and get some hay and put it in the pen, good mulch for later.

I have some seedlings growing in pots, though I do find this frustrating as not a lot have come up. There is a little native something or other (need to ask my friend what it is) and some other non food producing plants and just a couple of food producing plants have germinated. Though the rosella has picked up and decided to grow despite me thinking that it was a no show. There are only three pigeon peas and two cow peas and no corn (yet), though I do blame a lot of this on the bandicoot who gets them if I forget to bring them inside at night.

I have made another garden bed and planted rosella seeds in that one and want to make tea (and of course jam) out of this lot, but I do have quite a few months before I am at that stage. I also thought I would get the potatoes under way, I am hoping they will start to grow at this time of year, I will just have to wait and see. As soon as I see they have grown I will start to make more potato patches as they are the easiest things to grow.

Time for a cup of tea before I go do something constructive but quiet (my partner in crime and life is now doing night shift) so best go put the kettle on 


  1. Oh my that is some rain! My chickens hate the rain, and now I know whence we get the saying,"Madder than a wet hen." Because my girls sure do hate to be bedraggled and wet! Tea sound lovely, so I think I'll put my own kettle on!

  2. The girlies certainly have been bedraggled, that is the best word for it, and we still have had more rain.