Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I think I just may be going to get some passionfruit, very exciting :)

I have had about four or five flowers on the largest plant, the other plant doesn't seem to be going as well. I do want to plant a couple more plants as passionfruit are very yummy.

I cleaned out the chook pen this morning and took them in some fresh grass and weeds. All the old stuff I took down to the creek where I have planted some pumpkins, I layed down cardboard boxes that I had been collecting and threw the mulch over the top. Take that you weeds.

Our chooks still aren't laying but I am sure they are getting close (I know I have been saying that for a while but I think it is true this time), they are clucking and carrying on and getting to the right age of about six months.

They are now, however, further away from being free ranged. I would love to do that and haven't up till now because they have been too young, now I am afraid of dogs. The other day a pig dog came onto our property and was attacking them through the wire, luckily all are fine, however, if they had been out they wouldn't have been. So I will just keep cutting them grass and giving them the weeds and stuff from the garden till we one day fence the property with dog fencing. Expensive I know, but it will mostly keep the undesireables out.

On a happier note, our number one and only son was in paper this week because he had written an interesting account of his experience of Cyclone Yasi. Even though the paper got his story slightly wrong, we didn't put our chooks in the cupboard, and it did sound like we sat around all night drinking lots of beer, we had a couple, it was a great story.

The weather is threatening to rain, I can hear the thunder but I don't think it is going to do anything, so I think I will go and have a cup of Rooibos tea and go watch :D


  1. We had two eggs today as a nice surprise, they really haven't produced much at all this winter. We have had a week of warmth and voila! My hens love weeds, cut grass, and those kitchen scraps are such good egg laying food! Glad your boy made it in the paper, even if they did get somethings a bit exaggerated!:)

  2. True Texan, I think our chooks are spoilt, they ignore regular kitchen scraps and love paw paw and watermelon instead, which they regularly get. I am expecting some really good eggs out of them, eventually :D