Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Here we are at the beginning of another year and we have so many plans for the next twelve months, including not to spend so much money :) guess we had better creative.

We had a very nice Christmas and New Year, Christmas Day being spent kayaking and eating lychees on the river, very decadent in our minds. I never saw in the New Year as I fell asleep, late is 10pm for me, can't imagine how I managed when I was young.

I got a cheese making kit for Christmas and so we have made feta cheese and mozzarella cheese using organic bio-dynamic local milk and so it turned out just lovely. It is so easy so there is lots of cheese on our horizon.

Here is the feta being put into the container to drain and set.

This is the mozzarella being stretched before being rolled into balls.

Here is the mozzarella about to be eaten on biscuits, very nice :D

I have also been looking, though not very actively, for a couple of stools for the verandah. We came across these old office stools being sold for $6 each where we play squash so we grabbed two, if there had of been more room in the truck I would have gotten more.

I was hoping to have enough material left from covering the benches to cover these, but it was not so. I did have some other upholstery material so as you can see one is purple and one is yellow, gotta run with what you have.

I have started crocheting a blanket as I need to use up my wool before my wool buying addiction has me getting some more. We don't have enough blankets anyway for people who live in the tropics and now live up the mountain where it is colder.

Our place now has carpet all the way through it. I am not a carpet person at all but it will keep the place warmer in the winter, keep the dust down a little and it was cheap. At $4 a metre we couldn't pass it up, it was cheap as they wanted to get rid of it so we got all they had and it has done the whole place.

So we have just laid the carpet in the bedroom and it is way better than cement I can tell you. I bought a little cordless, rechargeable, electric carpet sweeper in the after Christmas sales and so can zoom around with that each day to keep it all clean. It actually sucks up quite a lot and as long as I give a good vacuum all over once a week, I think that is all we should need.

I really need to catch up on everyone's blogs as I haven't had time and I am sure everyone has been really busy the last few weeks, it will be interesting to see what everyone has been up to and if they have any plans for the year.

Happy New Year :D


  1. Wow KJ your cheeses look delicious are they hard to make?

  2. Happy New Year KJ! Those cheese-making kits look great - are they easy to use (for someone who knows nothing about making cheese)?

  3. Cheese is actually quite easy to make, well feta is anyway, just takes time. The kits are good as they give you everything you need,just follow the instructions. We know nothing about it and the cheese has worked for us. We plan on getting some add on kits for other cheeses, they lay it out for you really easy.