Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

I can relax now. My Christmas preparations are finished so I can stop whinging about it all now and enjoy. I don’t have to go near the shops this week and only have to go into town for my final Tai Chi class for the year and probably pick up milk, though now I think about it we are going into town on Saturday but we are just playing squash and not going near the shops as it would be crazy.

We had our Tai Chi lunch on Thursday and while not everyone turned up and it was a bit hot, we had a good time. How could you not enjoy lunch, especially with friends? It is a nice spot at the boat club and the ocean makes a lovely view and of course deciding which boat we would live on and what we would do on it.

I have made some mango sauce last week and so we have enough sauces and such to last us a while. Just need to label them now before I forget :)

The garden is a bit wild again and so I am getting that organised as a lot of things won’t grow over the wet season but am planting what will. So I have put in more gigantic cucumber, snake beans, rocket and okra, though I am not sure if this will grow but I am giving it a go as I have space. We have plans to improve the garden next year, it will be larger, easier to manage and produce more, it’s a theory anyway.

I went to get sweet potato from the garden yesterday and they are all gone, bandicoots have tunnelled all under the garden and eaten them, I found one half eaten. Obviously I need a better plan for this patch.

I planted out some paw paws and hope they survive the transplant, we actually have a few popping up in strange places.

This week I have recovered the benches on the front veranda. The old covers have faded and had who knows what spilt on them, so time to be redone. I did this 18months to nearly two years ago but being outside does take its toll. I think they look very bright and fresh.

My partner in crime and life had some money from his birthday and bought two coffee plants which have put in pots on the veranda. They will hang out with the lime, lemon and orange trees which are already there. I like having pots on the veranda and will continue looking for edible trees that are suitable for pots to go across the front.

We have had some much needed rain this week, of course not enough but enough to make the grass instantly shoot up. It has also been nice to not have to water the garden every day, you can never water as well as some rain.

Here is my partner in crime and life doing what he does every day come rain, hail or shine, spending time with the chooks. For wild chooks, there are a few who have more front than Myers (it is called greed), though there are some who dart in and out to get some bread and others who won’t come close.

So wishing everyone an amazing and safe Christmas (in case I don’t post again this week), wishing everyone the spirit of Christmas and make sure you pace yourself with your eating and drinking (you will feel so much better for it) and drink lots of water :P

Merry Christmas


  1. Merry Christmas KJ and family!

    I think your benches look fabulous, I love the fabric. And your Rooster is absolutely a handsome fella.

    Enjoy your Christmas and have a wonderful and relaxing day!

  2. Oh I wonder how you collect the eggs if your chooks are wild? That is nice that everything is done, I am pretty much ready as well. What kind of cucumber can you grow in the wet season? I haven't had much success with cucumber. Happy Christmas to you.

  3. A wonderful Christmas season to you! I hope you post a picture of your coffee plants! I am looking at berry bushes to plant here. Your flock looks great, and quite a gorgeous Roo! be blessed..