Friday, December 9, 2011

Tomato Sauce

Well, the Christmas thing is in full swing, can’t avoid it till about February when the “After Christmas” sales are over. Actually, I suppose you could but you would have to drop out of society for a while and for most of us we have to live in the world despite wanting to be a hermit.

So onward we go into Christmas. Our number one and only son has managed to keep himself occupied so far, but it has only been a week. Only 7 weeks left. His school report was OK when it arrived yesterday in the mail, though of course his best subjects were the ones that actually interest him, computers, art and robotics/tech (woodwork), boy subjects.

I haven’t grown many tomatoes this year just cherry tomatoes so the other day I bought a box of tomatoes for $5 for making sauce. It is the yummiest tomato sauce ever and it is difficult to go back to the bland store bought sauce. I have made four batches all up, requiring 2kg for each batch and there is some left over for eating.

We use the sauce not just for on meat but on homemade pizza, and savoury scrolls and in any cooking at all really, we can go through quite a lot. I have also given some away to my friends which I love to be able to do.

It really is the best season here as all the fruit is on. There are mangoes and lychees everywhere and well, don’t’ really need more than mangoes and lychees, what more can I say.


I read the news every morning to catch up with what is going on here in Australia and around the world and this morning was the news that yet another factory will close down. It is a wheel manufacturing plant in Adelaide for Harley Davidson and 212 people will lose their jobs in 18months. There have been other closures recently as well, so some more people will be having a more serious Christmas.

However, there is this article at Survival Mom titled 15 Ways to Celebrate Good Times in Hard Times which reminds us that it isn’t only about gift giving but experiences and rituals. Our number one and only son has always loved birthday cakes (can’t not have one) and the Christmas decorations (which he seems to want to put up earlier and earlier every year).

Art Finds Kate always has lovely art work and this is a very sweet piece. My own artist friend Kate gave me a sketch book and pencils for Christmas and I will be making good use of them these holidays as well as doing some paintings (not sure if I will be game to post pictures of my work as I am not that good though I do enjoy it). I need to practice as I have said I would come to their art group next year, not sure I am game for that either so might hide in the corner. One of my mottos is to always try the things you fear as it is usually not that bad and you will probably have a good time plus it saves lost opportunities. Just took notice of the title of Art Finds Kate's post :)

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