Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just A Catchup

Our number one and only son has gone off to his first day back at school for the year. He is in Year 10 this year and has gone into a senior uniform and looks very smart in his white shirt, though I wonder how long it will take before there is pen or some such thing on that white shirt.

Our number one and only son also did not look like death warmed over, which he should have as he hasn’t been getting out of bed before 8 or 9 am most mornings for the last seven or eight weeks of the holidays, so 6 am is completely foreign to him. So I guess it is mixture of a little enthusiasm, which will probably be gone by tomorrow and the extra early night I made him have.

So yesterday was spent making lunch box stuff, sausage rolls with zucchini and carrot in them (of which we ate the first batch so we had to make another lot), cheese and ham scrolls and banana bread. I am all cooked out, hopefully we made enough to keep us going for a little while at least.

We have been getting enough rain, at least a drizzle every day, that I haven’t had to worry about the garden, though we have been mowing to keep the grass down.

There is not a lot in the garden as it has been too hot but the snake beans are coming along well, gigantic cucumber seedlings still surviving, some rocket, bok choy, pak choy, eggplant, little capsicums and we may have a couple a paw paws ready to pick soon.

I have some okra plants which I grew from seed that are very healthy, I was told it is too late for okra but mine are quite strong.

We got enough mangoes off our small trees to make one batch of chutney and eat some for breakfast so I am really happy about that. There are some small fruits on other trees like a few of oranges, two limes, one mandarin and I think that is it, we really need to fertilise and put more mulch on.

One of my cacti has a lovely flower on it and I have actually taken a photo this time. The only thing outside that doesn’t’ need looking after are the cacti, they thrive on neglect and produce lovely flowers.

Our Dragon fruit is also going really well in pots, I didn’t know that they grew so fast, I have spots for them to be planted out but need to get some posts for them to grow up and some soil. It will be nice when we eventually get some fruit off them.


Here is a post at a blog called ZenHabits about bad habits. I was thinking about all the New Year resolutions that a lot of people make but a lot of the time they don’t know how to keep that resolution, this post gives some ideas. You should read the rest of the blog while you are there.

There are a lot of blogs I enjoy visiting, sometimes I only get to zoom through to catch up, and Domesblissity is one of my favourites, I think mainly because there is lots of yummy food being discussed. A few recent posts to check out are Make your own bulk mixes for baking and Man-sized packed lunch ideas.

The Greening of Gavin is another blog I visit and so should everyone, and this recent post is one I enjoyed, especially the bit by the Dali Lama at the bottom, everyone should think about it.

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