Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Creek

Now our number one and only son has gone back to school it feels like we can get back into things properly instead of swanning around because we are on “holidays”.

Yesterday I went down to our creek garden where there are paw paws, pigeon peas and pumpkin growing and cleared out a fair bit a guinea grass, a bit easier to do now it has rained. Loving the rain right now.

Anyway, we can now see the creek, which is running now it has started to rain, and the paw paws are now visible instead of amongst it all. This garden is a low maintenance, take of itself garden, so no watering just mulching and they just grow, that is the way a lot of it should be, and gardening shouldn’t be that hard. If you do it right it can just go its own way.

I actually have a permaculture DVD which shows a food forest being grown. They plant everything in such a way that everything gets what it needs to grow and everything gets along and people don’t need to do very much at all, if anything.

I love that wildness of it, I guess that is why I take delight in things popping up in weird places in the garden, and never pull them out just because they aren’t in a row or have sprouted in the “wrong place. Love seeing things grow out of the straw from the chook pen, which I guess is the main reason things pop up in strange places, makes it interesting.

So, back to the creek. We have decided to build some steps down to the creek and a retaining wall so the dirt doesn’t’ get washed away, the actually comes up quite high when there is a storm but we don’t’ often see it as it also goes down quite quickly. We do however see the debris left up fairly high and don’t want all out soil going with it.

I have always wanted to make it a picnic area down there with a fire pit to put a BBQ plate over. If we put in steps and manage to keep the guinea grass down it would be, actually already is, a great stop to sit and enjoy. I love this spot on the property, even when it is overgrown.

Building steps at the creek is now officially on “The List”, don’t know when we will get to but it is on there and will happen – eventually.


While reading my morning news this morning, and I must get my daily news fix, I came across this article about plastic going into the food chain via our clothing. We try to have clothing made of natural fibres, I find synthetic material uncomfortable so make every effort, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Undies and sox always seem to have something extra in them. Anyway, apparently little bits of plastic comes out of this synthetic material with every wash and into our drains and out into the oceans and into the food chain. Check out the article as it explains it better and I will certainly be making more effort than normal with our clothing purchases.

Here is an article about how Australians don’t’ care about where their food comes from. The link was posted on a thread that is going on the Simple Saving forum about how the Australian Food and Grocery Industry is in Crisis. I would like to think that most people care, but I know people who don’t, however I also do know people who do care and hopefully that will spread.

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  1. Ah yes..."The List" we have one of those too! Ours includes planting berry bushes as well as moving our current garden spot to the side of our house...I am jealous of all the lovely space you have, and wish for a creek of our own!