Monday, February 6, 2012


I knew that it would about a year before we got any bananas from our plants and I was only slightly off. Our two large plants are now starting to break out in bananas and it is only a matter of time before they are grown.

There are quite a few suckers on the bottom and the largest will stay there and the others I am going to plants down near the creek.

These bananas are sugar bananas and will be lovely. I once read a letter in the paper, I think, that there are so many lovely bananas out there why would you stick with the Cavendish bananas which apparently are grown for their mass production but not necessarily for flavour. Sugar bananas are certainly much nicer.

So while these are only babies right now, it won’t be long before we are eating sweet little bananas.

We are also getting paw paws, a few from the creek trees and a couple from the garden. I put in the extra trees so the spoilt chooks could also have paw paws as they love them but I am going to plant more for us. I have made paw paw chutney and there are some other recipes I want to try out as well as eating them for breakfast, so the more the merrier. Just as well they are popping up all over the place at the moment.

I have also got this little stash of potatoes. They are not very much to look at but I just throw them in the ground and they pretty much take care of themselves so I will continue. They also taste very yum, just eaten whole.

I have photos to post but am having internet problems so will post them when I am able to. We had a big wind on Saturday due to a low/cyclone (Cyclone Jasmine)passing and as our internet is currently wireless it has been hit and since. So, along with all the debris and some trees down around the place, the rain being sucked away,and our shade sail ripping, our internet has been sparodic and obviously is still playing up though is slightly better than yesterday, I think :) So I am just going to post this while I can.


Once again, all the “crazy” preppers are proven correct in that you must be prepared. Whether you stay at home or have to leave you must be ready for it. Here in Australia we are having floods (again) in Queensland and New South Wales, and in Europe they are having a very cold snap where more than 300 people have died. Emergency services are flying in basic essentials and medical supplies to people stuck in the floods, but really, don’t you think we should have more than a couple of days food and medication in the house? Besides, in the course of normal life, who really wants to keep running to the shops all the time because you have run out of vegemite, butter , flour or the essential chocolate? Not me :)

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