Friday, February 24, 2012

Extending The Chook Pen

Today my partner in crime and life are off to buy some poles so we can start extending the chook pen. What seemed large at the time is no longer with sixteen chooks in it and if we can’t let them out till later in the day it needs to be bigger.

We also need to separate the roosters. The three young roosters are starting to become a bit of a problem, not huge yet but we are walking down that road. We would like a second flock with one of those roosters and we will have to eat the other two, and that is not a road I want to walk down as I am a big girl :)

We also want to build yet another small pen in case we need to separate any sick chooks, also a spare one in case we are given any chooks, it comes up from time to time that there are homeless chooks, so we want to be ready.

The bananas are coming along really well and we are so looking forward to eating them. Once we have eaten them we will cut down that plant, leave the largest suckers there and take out the smaller suckers and plant them down the creek. It would be nice to have lots of bananas, love bananas, banana cake, banana smoothies, banana pancakes with ice cream and golden syrup. We definitely need a good banana supply.

This week we have finally planted our dragon fruit in the ground. We got the plants from a friend’s parent’s property and just planted them in pots, not realising how quickly they grew. So we were getting a little desperate to get them in the ground. So there is lovely red dragon fruit in our future.

Our number one and only son has signed up for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and is really looking forward to it. They do volunteering, and sports and bushwalking and not really sure about the rest as we don’t have all the details but it is a great program. So this year he will achieve, assuming he completes all his things, the Bronze Award, and Silver and Gold in the following two years. Just a fantastic program for teenagers.

The other thing he will be doing this year is going on a five day sailing trip, also organised through his school. He will be going with about twenty other Year 10 students and will be an amazing experience which we really really wanted him to go on. He so looking forward to this also, they have to work on the boat and they learn about sailing.

So, our number one and only son will have a huge learning curve this year with all these things he will be doing. They will teach him some life skills, responsibility (though he is pretty good in this area) work ethic, team work and he will have a lot of fun. We are so glad he has these opportunities, more life experiences that help hi m on the road to becoming a man.

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  1. Your dragonfruit is looking good - wish I had the room to grow them, also wish I had the room for chooks - sigh. Those sound like some great programs your son is getting into.