Monday, March 7, 2011

Loads Of Rain

We have had a huge amount of rain overnight. Our gauge only goes to 150mm and it was a bit above that, so I measured it with my fingers and think we got about 167m.

It was raining so hard last night that we watched TV in the bedroom while my partner in crime and life “watched” (which is another word for “slept”) the TV in the lounge room with all the rain noise.

When I took the dog for a walk this morning I discovered that the creek had come up so far that everything was flattened. All my little paws paws and pumpkin plants where flat on the ground and the mulch was gone, we haven’t seen it so high in the time we have been here.

When I went down with my partner in crime and life he found, while walking through the debris, a passionfruit plant with fruit on it. Must have been growing amongst the guinea grass and lantana, so I hope it recovers.

The creek had also gone over the bridge leading out to the highway, washed a bit of road away and there was debris on the bridge itself, with lots of flattened grass around.

There are some road closures in town and lots of traffic having problems getting around, hope our number one and only son has made it to school, he was disappointed that the bus made it up the range :P

We use two sites to watch the weather, the BOM site and also Weatherzone.

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