Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gumboots and a Sarong

Do you think that gumboots and a sarong are proper farm attire? Not really sure that many would agree but it is oh so comfortable, everyone should try it :D

After an afternoon of total indulgence, which in my world means hanging out with great women for hours and not thinking about going home, my jaws are sore from laughing and smiling for so long. I don’t do this very often and completely enjoy myself when I do, nothing beats such great company and interesting conversation.

Between lunch, a couple of wines and a swim, the conversation swung between books and Tai Chi, and other secret women’s business. I hope to enjoy this indulgence again, it is very uplifting....and fun :D

So on getting home, after kissing my partner in crime and life as he goes out the door to work, past me on my way in , I put on gumboots and a sarong. Such is life living in the tropics, I think we can get away with nearly anything up here :P


  1. love the design on the edge of that sarong! I spent yesterday with some gals and it is such a necessary respite! With 4 boys and a hubs, I feel like a lonely estrogen cell bobbing on a sea of testosterone some times...I love my guys, but truly cherish the girl times.

  2. Yes agree ... and love the look !!!

  3. That is probably my favourite sarong, I love elephants, my partner in crime and life has one with geckos that he stole from me :D

  4. I agree, girl time is very important, to be able to do that from time to time helps with balancing life out.