Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pumpkins and Paw Paws

I am having a day at home alone today as the men have taken the boat and gone fishing. I should be cooking and stuff but really don’t feel like it, maybe later.

Yesterday my partner in crime and I went to mulch and weed down the creek around the pumpkin and paw paws. In his enthusiasm my partner in crime and life ripped out the pigeon peas, only could find one to hopefully save, NOT HAPPY JAN is all I can really say about that. A lot more mulch needs to go on today, another job to add to the list.

The paw paws are coming along beautifully, so healthy seeing they were stunted little things in a pot. I plan on planting more down there and around the property, I eat them for breaky and so do the chooks, so can never have too many. We have also decided to plant some bananas down at the creek too, never have too many of them either :)

That is one of the things I want to do, apart from producing food for us, is producing food for the animals. We now have the chooks and the things I have planted for them so far are the paw paws and the pigeon peas.

We also plan on having ducks and I am considering geese. The geese would become the watch dogs of the place as we will be getting no more dogs, so the geese will make all the noise if there is anything unusual going on, but I am still thinking on these things.

One of chooks has been proven to be a rooster and I am very happy about it, my partner in crime and life isn’t so sure, but I believe it is a very good thing, of course it has to be the pretty one. As yet still no eggs but it is going to be soon (I am sounding like those annoying people who are always going to do something but never do yet they still talk about it a lot), I know it is going to be soon as nature is bound to just take over and they won’t be able to keep those eggs in :P

I have the biggest passionfruit, and they feel heavy too, only one of the plants is producing but it is making up for the other one which is not. Can’t wait to get some more in, another thing for the bottomless list.

I have been making some changes to my blog, a bit of rearranging and hopefully improvement, the blogging thread on Simple Savings has helped there, there is so much to learn.

I have lists of blogs I like to keep an eye on, people write about the most interesting things, however I have found the list so long that I needed to do something about it.

I wanted to be able to see when people have written a new post, but can't have them all up, so have decided to still have them all in there, but only the five most recent will be seen on the page. It will keep rotating through so different blogs will be up there depending on who has posted.

On Other Matters

I became a member of the Australian Conservation Foundation this year, it was an important thing for me to do, putting my money where my mouth is. I get a magazine six times a year and also get regualar emails to keep me up to date, outraged and remaining aware of what is going on. A lot of what I do in my life is because of these issues.

I have just finished reading Choosing Eden by Adrienne Langman. Great easy to read book about peak oil and why they chose to move to the country and create a permaculture farm in their mid fifties. Proving what I believe, that there is no excuse for doing nothing, everyone can do something even just small things.The Oil Drum is just one recommended site I am checking out.

I took a zillion photos of the supermoon last night, all of which turned out much the same, a white glowy thing in the middle of a black picture. There has been some speculation about what this means for the earth, however I got up this morning and nothing worse than what has already happened, happened while I was sleeping. Here is just one link to an article about the Supermoon, but there are many.


  1. I loved keeping ducks when I was a child. I grew up on a farm but poor rezoning laws meant no horses or cows - instead we had chickens, ducks, rabbits, and a huge garden.

    Ducks were wonderful as companions, and their eggs made cakes rise so high. We had pekins and muscovies, which were my favorites.

    I'm glad you found my blog because it led me to your blog!

  2. So glad you are enjoying such a sweet season of home "making". That time of enjoying, dreaming and planning. Keep up the good work on your blog too!

  3. Yeah Jenn, can't wait to get ducks, good to hear of good childhood memories of all the animals. I found your blog through the Survival Mom blogring, it opens a whole new world of blogging.

    Thanks True Texan, I am enjoying myself at the moment, pretty good weather really helps too. Glad you like my blog, I really enjoy writing.

  4. That is cool you have a lot of space to plant an orchard and keep some animals. Someday I hope to do that when we move away from the city... but for now I can read your blog and live vicariously!! Thanks for sharing!