Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Have A New Sink

I have a new kitchen sink, and WOW, how great is it to wash the dishes in an actual sink :D

The other sink was plastic and stained and could never be cleaned, why anyone would install a second-hand sink in that condition is beyond me. However it is now finally gone and been replaced with a shiny new one and also a new tap which also works better than the old leaking one.

There was some discussion over how much to pay for a sink, but in the end it didn’t come down to price it came down to quality, we didn’t pay a fortune but we didn’t get the cheapest either. The cheap one didn’t feel nice, had shallow tubs and seemed thin, you have to feel it to understand.

There was quite a few taps to choose from, though they were all roughly the same with slight differences and of course different prices. We actually chose much the same as we had but it is more water efficient, doesn’t leak and we installed it correctly (the old one has been installed incorrectly, the lever to the back and it leaked and we were unable to change the lever and it was easier to just get new one).

While we were about it we solved our kitchen bench issue. The benches had been installed upside down to make them fit the kitchen and were (like the sink) YUK. We thought about recovering them but couldn’t find the laminate stuff, we thought about tiling them but word had it that was not a good idea for various reasons, and then we were just going to replace them, which seemed the easiest thing to do.

So we have been looking for benches for quite a while but obviously haven’t really found what we wanted (didn’t know what that was but we knew that we would know when we saw it). While replacing the sink we had to make a new frame to fit the sink into as the original hole was slightly too big, we decided temporarily to use ply until we replaced the bench tops. All of a sudden we decided to put ply on top of the whole thing to finish it off until later on, it now looks so good that it may be permanent.

The ply surrounds the stove as well as the sink and is on the extra bit of bench, we have put on a stain/varnish and we don’t use that bench for food preparation just the kettle, juicer, toaster and electric pan so all good.

So, suddenly I have a nice looking kitchen that works well, I can do the dishes in the sink (though will still use the plastic basin for really dirty dishes as we can’t put oil and stuff down the sink as it will kill our septic system), I can use the bench top without cringing and I actually want to do the dishes because the sink is all shiny and clean and I no longer mind touching it (though I am sure this urge will pass).

So that is my exciting week so far and I keep admiring how great it looks and what a great job my partner in crime and life has done, with some help from our number one and only son. Of course I had the most important job of supervising, only so many people can squish in under a cupboard or saw a piece of timber.

So now the next thing will be the splash back tiles behind the sink and stovetop, there has already been discussion over what, how and colour. Wonder how long before we find what we are looking for seeing we don't really know what we want :D


There is always talk about where there will be a double dip recession and so here is another article regarding this in relation to the price of oil. It is about the US but of course these things affect us here too in Australia and I believe we must keep a close eye on things going on around the world. The Ripple Affect, what goes on in another part of the world will affect us in some way, maybe small, maybe big, but it still does all the same.

Talking about sinks and doing the dishes, over at down to earth Rhonda has just done a lovely post on doing the dishes. I love her blog, it is so clean and wholesome and it is no wonder she is so popular, she writes lovely.

I have a lot of blogs I try and follow, I try and read them regularly as there are so many interesting ideas, opinions and lives that people lead, and they give me so many perspectives on lots of different things. I have listed a lot of those blogs on the sides of mine (though there are still more that I follow that aren't up, only have so much room for my lists), to see them all at once click the show all button at the bottom of the list.

A lot of work goes into writing blogs, and so I just want to thank my fellow bloggers out there in cyber land. Thank you for interesting reading and for allowing me (and everyone) the opportunity to read your thoughts, to glimpse into your lives and to learn from you. Not everyone agrees with other people's opinions or ideas but isn't it great to have the opportunity to be able read about it and sometimes to discuss it. Isn't technology fantastic, (I love technology) I wouldn't know any of you otherwise and am glad that I do :D


  1. That looks great, and with that sealer on, it should last a good while. I love a double sink - too we don't have one and I really miss it.

  2. Thanks so much, it has been worth the wait :)

  3. What an awesome job they did for you on your kitchen! I know how good it feels to get something like that accomplished. I am sure glad I have found you and my other bloggy sisters too. It is my favorite time of day, checking in on all of them...

  4. We did the job ourselves True Texan, so thank you.

    I am glad you enjoy dropping in here as I like dropping in there, there are so many like-minded people out there :)

  5. I bet your excited after that yukky sink. it is so nice to have new things to work with.

  6. It sure is Jan, I am really enjoying actually standing at the sink and doing the dishes, unbelievable :D

  7. True, it is much more practical to purchase an item that is a bit more expensive than the cheapest ones around. As for sinks, going for a sink like yours is a budget-friendly move. I know the one you picked will last for a long time. :)