Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This morning I feel like I just stepped into Brigadoon, it is so misty and I had to squint to see the chook pen across the paddock.

I don’t have a lot to say today but I feel like writing and being school holidays I have time. I am up early as usual but don’t have to do anything as our number one and only son won’t stumble out till much later and my partner in crime and life wont’ be up until nearly lunchtime. So I am enjoying the peace of the early morning.

Though, I am listening to a CD that was a gift from one of my gorgeous Tai Chi friends, it is called “music as medicine” and it so suits this peaceful early morning. It is Nawang Khechog with R. Carlos Nakor and has chants, Native American flute songs, and Tibetan flute songs and is truly a lovely album. I can’t thank my friend enough for thinking of me and I will be using it a lot in our Tai Chi classes and at home.

My other current favourite album is Robert Plant and Allison Krauss called Raising Sand, it is easy to listen to and has some great songs on it, which is why I am listening to it so often, obviously :)

I found a fresh egg for my breakfast this morning, there is still only one chook laying about every other day on average, but can’t be long until the others catch up. They certainly do things in their own time :P

My seedlings are coming along well, I have cow peas and pigeon peas, one winged bean (the ones I really want to grow and am having trouble with but have managed to get a couple growing in the garden but I now no longer have any seeds and probably can’t get any more according to my source). I have a few little paw paws popped up, the seeds were given to us and have come from the best ever red paw paw, so we shall see.

Winged beans are a tropical legume from New Guinea and so of course does best in the tropics where there is a lot of rain fall. It is apparently called the”one species supermarket” as most of the plant is edible. You eat the bean, I won’t say obviously because sometimes you can’t eat the beans of plants, but also the flower, leaves and tuberous roots. So you can see why I really, really want to grow this bean, I just need to get some more seeds which I should get as my plants seem to be growing. They are currently living in a jungle of wild tomatoes and gigantic cucumbers.


Did you know that it is fifty years today since the first man went into space? It was the Russians who went into space and safely came back in a short trip that lasted 108 minutes, how amazing would that have felt? Personally, I would love to go into space but believe I would be happier going there with Star Trek technology than randomly floating around like it looks like we currently do.

Over a Scathing Weekly was a hilarious book review that I just loved, there was serious bits too, but now I have images in my head, probably set in for the day :P

Here is an article I found interesting, “Energy crisis leaves Nepal in the dark”. I never knew.

I really have to include these articles here, here and here on the decline of the bee population. We can’t survive without bees so this is a huge concern. I am happy to report that we have wild bees here on our property and regular bees have been seen in my garden.


  1. I love those misty mornings too....all sort of eerie and cosy at the same time. Lovely photo :)

  2. I would love it if we could have some rain here, we really need it.
    And I also like listening to nice relaxing music, it really helps keep me calm.