Friday, April 8, 2011

Our First Egg

We have finally had our first egg. It is a little thing compared to regular eggs, but I guess they will get bigger. Self sufficiency is now one step closer, YAY :))

We are not sure which of the girls laid it, but it is only one of them as the next day there was another little egg, and I expect another one today. We are hoping the others will follow her lead, whoever she is.

You can see the size difference between the eggs, the cute little white one is about two thirds the size of the other.

We haven’t eaten them yet, we are just looking at them, however when we do I expect them to be great. Even though I am too scared to free range them at the moment (and I have to fence the garden) they get plenty of greens. Once or twice a week we go and cut grass and weed the garden and take them a barrow load for their pen, they pick over that for ages.

It is raining and windy here at the moment and we are not spending a lot of time outside, so this morning I just ran out and cut them the leaves of some snake beans, kang kong, sweet potato and pigeon peas along with some grass before the rain hit again. I will do that again tomorrow, it only takes five minutes and they get their daily greens.

The paw paws that I planted down at the creek so I can give the chooks lots fruit are coming along really well. In the mean time the other paw paw still has green fruit which just seem to be getting bigger and bigger, I guess they will eventually ripen.

Talking about sweet potato, I went to see if there was some ready to go the other day and pulled out this large red sweet potato. I decided to stop at one :P


On this dreary day I popped over to African Aussie and discovered this fantastic photo of a heleconia to put some colour into my day. There are some other great photos too :)

Despite the fact that the cost of fuel is on the rise we seem to be putting more cars on the road, building more roads to accomodate these cars and taking away public transport. At treehugger there is this article about freeway air pollution, now I know this is not new, we all know that air pollution affects our health, but doesn't hurt to have it put back into the front off our minds so we think about what we are doing.

Global food security and shortages seem to be talked about all over at the moment as people are becoming more concerned about it. Especially with all the current world events on the news every day, it is in our face making us think about it (though there are still people out there who are blissfully unaware and some who don't care). Anyway, at Pat Veretto's Frugal Living Blog, is a post about "why we will experience a food shortage".


  1. Oh! you enjoyed my heleconia photo - so glad! thanks for the mention :0
    I am also so tired of seeing green pawpaws on the trees - I had one ripen - they seem to need a bit of sunshine. I am hoping for some sunshine this weekend, and hope you get some too!.

  2. Thanks African Aussie,you really do have some great photos.Some sunshine for us all so I can hang the washing out and mow :)

  3. Hooray for eggs! Waiting for my little chicks to start laying here also! Have started to make provision for storing water as well as more food. I just feel urgent about it now.

  4. LOL sending you eggs vibes so you can get some too. We didn't get any today but we are out the start gate.

    I think a lot of people here have learned a lesson about storing water. We had some big floods in our state this year but people weren't allowed to drink the water due to contamination, it is so important, I think it might have been an oops moment.

    I feel urgent about it too.

  5. As I wrote on my blog, I hate eggs, but I've been reading about how good they are for you in "Politically Incorrect Nutrition", so now I'm thinking maybe I should re-think that hatred!! How wonderful to grow your own sweet potato too. I think that's my favourite vegetable!

  6. How excited to get your first egg!! My grandparents kept chickens in their backyard and we used to check the coop first thing in the morning-it was a big thrill when we were kids. I wish I could keep chickens too, but not possible while living in an apartment. I'll watch yours vicariously :)