Monday, April 11, 2011

Bacon Hock and Vege Soup

School holidays have started for us and so it is time to come up with some stuff to do that isn’t too boring. One rule that we are continuing with though is no TV, computer or Xbox between 10am and 5.15pm (when my partner in crime and life goes to work for the night). We start at 10 am as it gives me time to write a blog post if I have anything to say that day, check world news and pop into everyone’s blogs for a quick read.

Yesterday we lit a fire in our fire pit and cooked some sausages for a bit of afternoon tea, nothing like food cooked over an open fire :)

We had an old bacon hock in the freezer that really needed using so my partner in crime and life made up a bacon hock and vegetable soup in the camp oven and popped it on the fire. It was so yum.

That is the one of the many advantages of living out of town, we can light a fire and have a BBQ and nobody cares. It also costs us nothing to cook except some dead branches that we collected from around the property, which is good when you have to cook something for a few hours.

We have decided that we need to collect the recipes that we like into a folder. We have lots of camp oven recipes but we forget which ones we like as we don’t actually cook often enough in it, so we are going to collect the recipes and cook more outside. It also means that we can toast marshmallows, YUM :D


I have read a few blogs recently on what people keep in their bags, for some reason I find this very interesting, maybe because I cart a fair bit around with me. The latest blog about this is at The Apartment Prepper’s, one thing on her list which I hadn’t thought of (but should have) is a solar watch, I need to look out for one of those. My partner in crime and life had one once, good watch until it died.

There have been some disturbing articles recently about how we are going to have to live without antibiotics, as we have overused them and bugs are becoming resistant to them. There is this one at ABC news from last week, this one from the UK from last year and some more info here. However I found articles going back much further warning of this, and of course there has been other talk for quite a while, but it is now back in the mainstream news. We should all be concerned.

Here is another blog that I like that isn't in one of my side lists but is in my favourites, it is called Vintage Foodie, check it out, it is a good one.


  1. I would love to be able to have a fire pit where we could cook a nice feed on a cold wonters day. My dream is to live on a small property. And that soup sounds yummy.

  2. I checked out the Vintage Foodie link, thanks for a good one! I'll be spending some time there for sure. It's not Monday here quite off to bed so I can catch up with you!

  3. Jan, we certainly plan on doing more cooking on the fire over the winter. The soup was fantastic, however as you can see it was more stew like that soup like, but it doesn;t matter.

    There certainly are some good sites around, I check out a lot and my favourites list is out of control :D

  4. Hi KJ! Thanks for popping by my blog. I do love a good bacon hock soup and I'm looking forward to cooler weather so I can really enjoy it!