Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blanching and Freezing

Oops,been a bit since I have posted. Well, it has been school holidays here so I have been enjoying sleeping in a bit (would love to be able to sleep till lunchtime but 7am seems to be it) and just relaxing and not having to be anywhere much.

Last week we went to a native plant nursery with a friend and bought plants :D We started off with one trolley and ended up with two. I bought bush tucker plants and flowering natives and we have put them around the driveway to grow as a screen. I also got some tube stock which we put along the fence line to do the same thing, and I will be making a list and a drawing a plan of what we have put in as I have already forgotten :)

We have been picking quite a bit out of the garden lots of tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini, radishes, corn, cabbages. I blanched and froze the corn and cabbages as there was too much to eat, so it is good to not loose it even though it was ready all at once. With the tomatoes, I just put them whole into the freezer and now can use them in cooking whenever, tomatoes always ripen at the same time, though for about the first time ever I have staggered some of them so I have some Roma tomatoes coming along and other plants that just grew so they will be ready later.

The room for our number one and only son has finally started, the slab is getting poured this week however the shed still won't be put up till next month. The company we are getting the shed through is mucking around and has been for months so we are not happy but not much we can really do. We are happy it is finally moving along so our number one and only son should be in for Christmas, we hope.

On Sunday we went into town and saw a circus that a friend's daughter was in. It was really good and the kids ranged in age from about 5years to 17years and they did such a good job and there was so many people there watching them. Just great :D

Last we also went to the movies and saw The Sorcerers Apprentice and we really enjoyed it. We don't go to the movies very often and can't actually remember the last time, (there is often much on anyway that is worth going for) so we really enjoy it when we do go.

Off to the dentist today, thankfully not for me, we don't enjoy this much as they are always running late, so I will have take some crochet to do. May as well do something practical if we have to sit there for all that time, however, I bet now that our number one and only son will get in straight away :))

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