Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Few Days Away

Had a lovely few days away last week with friends, just wish it had lasted a week, wasn't ready to come home so soon. It was a bit colder there and it rained a little, but the tent held up, the views were spectacular and the company magnificent.

Haven't done too much since coming home, though we finally planted the passionfruit plants (the poor things). We went and got some soil and have planted them on the other side of the containers where they will be protected and it makes use of that space. We are going to put a wire fence directly behind so they can grow on it, and plant two more plants on either side so it will take up the length of the container. We will also be painting the containers, we have picked out the colour, now just have to motivate myself :D

We now also have a new laptop, the old one was slow beyond belief and now I am learning about the new one, different programs and ones that don't do what I am used to. I have to transfer all my info and photos and important emails, but for the time being I am just enjoying a fast computer with modern functions. We had been talking about getting a new one for a while but the tipping point was when our number one and only son came home from school with a school project on his USB stick and it wouldn't open up on the laptop as it was so old.

So I am enjoying surfin' the net, learning is never ending with technology and life, must work both sides of the brain, that is why Tai Chi, modern technology, craft, gardening and reading all go hand in hand, mind and body :))

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