Sunday, July 8, 2012


We are now home from our camping trip.  Being away from everything is such great time out.  There was no mobile phone reception, no electricity, no computers, no running water apart from the river, but there was quiet, the wind, the river, large interesting trees and a crackling fire.  Really, what more could you want, I could hear myself and it was lovely to just be.

I actually did very little, and it took two days of watching before I started to see shapes and could start to do a bit of sketching.

The boys did try fishing but the fish either weren't there or were just poking their tongues out at us but it was just as well we took extra food.

There was also a lot of precarious perching on thin looking branches trying to retrieve lures.

Lots of sleeping was also done by our number one and only son.  Aren't swags just great.

Sunset on the river

Loads of big trees were along the river and all just begged to be climbed.

We had our solar shower set up behind the tent so we could shower every day, just had to get rid of the dust.  Our camp was in a great spot and we nearly remembered everything, must throw in a mixing bowl and chopping board next time.

The wildlife was a bit noisy but non threatening, this goanna was very unconcerned.

Of course the cows were gorgeous, we even saw one calf that had just been born.

We loved our time away, the homesteads are isolated and the cows are everywhere.  We had dirt through everything, we brought half the outback home in the back of the truck.

One thing about camping is that it makes you realise that you can do without technology if you have to and everything we use for camping can be used in case we have a cyclone so it is dual purpose.  Of course, I prefer the fun of doing without for a few days while camping. 

So back to school this week, more work on the garden needs to be done and my partner in crime and life is planning the next camping trip.


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and it looks like a really beautiful place to camp. I love your sketches, they will be great reminder of the trip in years to come :)

  2. What a lovely holiday you have had. It sounds like it was so incredibly relaxing!

    I love your sketches - clever thing! You must keep doing them. :-)

  3. that sounds as though you had a lovely relaxing break. I like your sketches.

  4. Thanks so much :D

    It was lovely, and could have stayed a little longer but we came home at the right time as the weather has now turned and it is raining.