Sunday, June 17, 2012


Our number one and only son came back this week from a five day sailing trip.  He loved it.  It is called Adventure Under Sail and they teach teenagers how to sail. 

There was a fifteen or so kids from his grade at school and they all lived on board together, sleeping in one room and learning all about sailing.  They came home tired, sunburnt and very smelly, though our number one and only son assured me he cleaned his teeth every day. 

They all had a great time and a fabulous experience they will never forget, sailing up the coast from Townsville to Cairns, sailing into Cairns in the late afternoon on our number one and only son's fifteenth birthday, a birthday he will remember.

These great photos make me want to go sailing :)


  1. what a wonderful experience. My two daughters grew up on our boat as we sailed the world. Your son might have now caught the travelling bug....

  2. Amazing. I know people who want to live the RV life, but for me, 'sailing life' is the dream.