Monday, June 4, 2012


We had a good weekend away camping despite the hiccup on the day we left.  We got a phone call from the station to say with the rain we had been getting the river would probably come up and so best not come out.  We ended up deciding on a different place which while not as good was still better than staying home.

 There was still fishing and damper making and despite not doing very much we were all tired, guess life catches up eventually and it is good to stop.

I did some reading and the medical books were used for reading only and weren’t needed for anything else.  I figure if I have them (and read them) and have a good first aid kit which covers all the basics, chances are not much will go wrong, and nothing did, because I was prepared, if I wasn’t prepared, without a doubt, something would have happened.

The truck got very dirty on the road out and there was lots of screaming (from me) as we slid along the wet clay roads.  I am really not a risk taker.

The river was quite nice and it was peaceful and we managed to keep the fire going all weekend.  I didn’t burn the damper in the camp oven and it was very yum with raspberry jam and cream (had to say that to make everyone jealous).

Been a while since we have been camping and it was good to see what we are missing, decent chairs would be nice and a table, but apart from that we were all good.

The next trip away has already been planned and booked for the next school holidays at the place we were supposed to go this time.  Looking forward to that and despite being very organised this time I will be refining it next time.


  1. Glad to hear you had a great time and that your medical books were strictly reading only. And yes, sneaky thing, I'm very jealous that your damper *didn't* burn AND you got to eat it with jam and cream. YUM!!!

  2. fresh damper with jam and cream - that sounds delicious!