Friday, April 20, 2012

The End Of The Wet Season

Doesn’t time fly when you take no notice? School holidays are over and my partner in crime and life has gone back to work and I am trying to find my balance again.

We are coming to the end of the wet season, I think officially it finishes at the end of this month and as long as our water tanks are full then I will be happy. We will then be going back to all our serious water saving habits and with our new front loader washing machine we should have no problem getting through to the next wet season.

We will also be getting the old bore water tested so we can put a pump on it and pump into the tanks when they start getting low. No, we still haven’t done that yet but it is on the list and I imagine it will come to the top as a priority fairly soon.

The chooks have settled down now and are laying a lot of eggs, all is peaceful in the flock and the only time they make a tonne of noise is when they are laying or want to lay, not sure which, but it is announced to the world. So if you hear loud chooks at your place, that is undoubtly ours you are hearing. Whoever thinks that chooks are quiet are SO wrong.

It won’t be long until we have bananas to eat and we also have a lot of paw paws which we are still waiting to ripen, they seem to be taking a long time, however, I bet they all ripen at once.

I left the old okra stalks with seed pods on the ground in the garden to dry so I could seed save and with the rain we have had a lot have broken open and started growing. I am not sure if I can plant any of them or if I have any left to save, so need to do that.

A winged bean a good size to eat.

A winged bean to big for eating and so I will let it dry for seed saving.

Now the wet is almost over and the heat and humidity is easing I can now really get the garden back up and running. Though, we have snake beans coming out our ears and the winded beans are also out of control. There are gigantic cucumbers coming along and there is still some old bok choy we are still using and of course wild cherry tomatoes, so we are still eating a fair bit from the garden.

I have Rosella coming up now so must plant them out when they are a little bigger and the other seeds didn’t germinate so now I will start some greens off, bok choy, pak choy, and must put in more rocket.


While I read a lot of blogs and other sites on a variety of things, I don’t always find something I want to mention here. However, there are two I have come across this week, both while I have been on the Simple Savings forum.

The first one is a series of photos of people from around the world with their weekly groceries, it is called Hungry Planet. It is fascinating look at the differences between cultures, first and third world countries and everything in-between and also the excess and lack of between families.

The second on is a blog from here in Australia called Not Quite Nigella, and the post is about the amount of food wastage we have here, mostly talking about the wastage on the farms because the stupidmarkets won’t take fruit and vege unless they are a certain size or colour or shape or whatever. Now I knew this was happening but did not realise the extent it. Read the post, I read with my jaw on the floor while making sounds of utter outrage at the stupidity of it, some good does come out of it, just read it and find out.

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