Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rain and Chook Pens

We are getting a nice lot of light rain at the moment which is lovely, the tanks are filling (still), the front tank which is small is overflowing though. The temperature has dropped which makes it more comfortable for everyone including the chooks who aren’t going down to the creek so much but staying out a bit more in the paddocks or under the trailer to keep dry.

Everything is very green and this small tank is overflowing

I have finally finished the blanket for our number one and only son. I have been plodding along using up wool I bought on special and then didn’t really know what to do with. Just a little addicted. All I have to do tie off all the ends and then I will do a small border around it with the remaining black and purple wool, it has already been used though and considered comfortable and warm.

As you can see, there are a couple of random squares as I started to run out of wool, and I have to remember to get it off the floor or the dog thinks that is for her (like the carpet and any clean folded clothing, not that clean folded clothing is on the floor often or for long but you still have to be quick).

We have started on the extension to the chook pen, so they can have more room initially but then we will have two flocks. We have decided to keep the black chested young rooster and he will have three hens with him to start and then grow the flock just a little.

This will give the other flock more room, so instead of sixteen chooks in one pen there will only be ten, which is more than enough. The pen was only meant for six hens and a rooster and it seemed large at the time, so my advice if you are going to build a pen is to double the size of what you think it should be.

One of the three big chicks, Caramel, has started laying and we have been getting some soft shelled eggs. They are getting the hard shell covering more and more, and they are perfectly good inside. The other two big chicks, Snowbunny aka Fluffybunny and Alanamy, can’t be far behind, they all look like good layers because they are big hens.

Well, I had best get on with completing the blanket and I am going to do some cooking seeing it is a rainy day today. Think I am going to make some Dahl in the slow cooker to have with whatever we have tonight and maybe a cake, cake is good.


Monsanto is obviously the topic of conversation at the moment as I keep coming across articles about them. This one was put up on the Simple Savings Forum on a thread about GM foods, Scientists warn EPA on Monsanto corn rootworm

This next one came in with my emails, Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide found to destroy testosterone, male fertility

To finish on a happier note than Monsanto, African Aussie always posts such beautiful photos and this post is no different,gotta love all those pinks :)

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