Friday, September 2, 2011

The Weather Has Turned

The weather has turned. I went outside one evening and the air was warm, it certainly felt to be the change I had been looking for, don’t need a hot water bottle at night now.

Though, talking about hot water bottles, I have bought some more and am crocheting covers for them so they will be ready for next year. I have realised that one hot water bottle is just not enough for me. I also have gotten out my beanie patterns and so will make beanies for us for next year, mine will be purple. I used some of my pocket money to buy some wool that was on special (didn’t really need it but I wanted it and that is what pocket money is for) and got green and purple wool to add to my collection, so hot water bottle covers and beanies it is.

Our baby chickens are growing at an amazing rate and the mothers now take them out of the pen. They seem to stay close by, though yesterday they ended up down near the garden. We are amazed at how active they are, they can run and jump and do all sorts of things, they are very athletic.

We have put the side gate in our boundary fence and can now get to the other side without hanging over the creek. We will now be able to mow and go out to gather back the chooks that roam over there, though they don’t really go over there much now. So now we just have the front gate in the driveway to go.

The garden is zooming along now the weather has warmed up, I still have a few gardens to fill but need to get some manure first. We have a banana circle to build and more potatoes to plant. I have had to fix the sweet potatoes as the bandicoots have gotten in and dug it up, so hopefully it will fine now. The corn is high and we want to plant more, and I have zucchini to put in too. I must get in and plant more seeds in pots so they are ready to go in when the garden is good to go.


Hasn’t there been so much news this week, here in Australia our politicians are out of control, they have officially identified the remains of Ned Kelly (our most famous bush ranger), BlueScope has gotten rid of a thousand jobs and backyard vege gardens are becoming cool.

I am really not very good at sewing and need pictures and everything, so I have come across some instructions to make my favourite pants, fisherman pants. I wear these all the time and they are so comfy, I even have fisherman skirts. I want to make some myself out of my choice of material and while I am pretty sure I could figure it our, having some help is very handy. Now just have to go buy some material.

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